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Electrostatic precipitation

Contaminated air is suctioned through a pre-filter, and the coarse particles are separated, thereby reducing the concentration of dust/mist. At the same time, the pre-filter also serves to protect against foreign objects. This gives the electrostatic precipitator that follows a sufficiently long service life. The precipitator is designed to separate out very fine particles (diameter up to 0.01 microns.) The type and size of the pre-filter is determined based on the task.

In the ionizer, entering particles are charged by corona discharge. The collector consists of metal plates which are alternately charged and grounded. This creates an electrical field between the plates, resulting in particles being deflected onto the plates and thus separated out.

The tension on the collector and ionizer can be adjusted, which allows the system to be adapted to a specific application.

In a further step, the filtered air flows through an after-filter, which is responsible for neutralizing the charged particles.

LTA offers a wide range of different pre-filter and after-filter versions which can be adapted to individual filtration needs.