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Energy Efficiency for Industrial Environmental Protection

In industry, environmental protection often takes a backseat to commercial interests. Yet, targeted improvements in the field of energy efficiency combine both interests. This makes a lot of sense, not only from a technical standpoint, but also because of the exponentially increasing number of norms and specifications that need to be complied with.

In cooperation with machine and equipment manufacturers, LTA uses two strategies in its approach to machine-tool exhaust systems.

When it comes to capturing aerosols, we prefer electrostatic filter systems for the following reasons. Not only are they extremely effective (up to 99% for a new unit,) but they use completely regenerable filter elements with virtually no pressure loss. This makes it possible to minimize the load on the exhaust fans, while the only waste disposal costs are for water to wash the filters.
Another benefit of electrostatic precipitation is that only a minimal amount of coolant is lost through transition into the vapor phase. For situations where an electrostatic filter is only limitedly applicable, we go with “custom-tailored“ mechanical filter systems. The idea is to optimize the flow conditions, such that optimal extraction is achieved at a low-volume flow. These optimizations ensure that aerosols are captured with minimal energy expenditure while also maximizing the life of the filter elements. As an optional add-on, LTA filter systems can also be outfitted with EC blowers, which feature an extremely high level of efficiency.

LTA air filter, model AC 3001 with EC blower

Example calculation for 2-shift operation, approx. 4,000 operating hours a year:

  • Operating point 100%, Vmax = 2.500 m³/h
  • EC input power = 1,960 kWh/a
  • AC input power = 3,200 kWh/a
  • Energy saved = 1,240 kWh/a
  • Energy saved as % = 39
  • Power costs per kWh: 0.15 €
  • Annual savings = 186 €
  • Annual emission reduction = 0.671 t CO²
  • Pays for itself after 1.3 years or after 5,400 operating hours

LTA air filter, model AC 3001 with EC blower