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Air purification basics

All of LTA's solutions for clean air are developed, tested and optimized in LTA's own Technology Center under real conditions. So LTA technology is always based on intensive, long-term and baseline testing. We carefully analyze every important variable, including various coolants.

The LTA Aersol Tower, developed in-house, simulates a wide range of environmental conditions using various particle distributions and concentrations. In the adaptable air stream, each LTA filter solution is tested and optimized until it satisfies the LTA development teams stringent standards.

This way we can all rest assured that our custom-made LTA air purification systems truly are the best solution for your needs - pure and simple.

Today, maintaining clean air in service rooms and production halls is no longer considered a luxury. Clean air in the workplace is required by regulations such as the Machinery Directive, EN 292, TA-Luft and other occupational safety directives.

LTA air purification systems are built according to these new guidelines.
Used world-wide, these units prove themselves in the field on a daily basis in a variety of applications. These units work according to the electrostatic concept. Contaminated air is suctioned into the unit, passing through a mechanical pre-filter, which eliminates any large dirt particles. In the ionizer that follows, finer particles become electrically charged (ionized.) As a result, the particles then cannot escape the oppositely charged collector plates. The mist from oil, emulsion or other fluids is retained and channeled back to the machine or collected separately.

Depending on what's required, the purified air can either be piped back into the hall or released into the outdoors. Every day, LTA provides filtration solutions to a wide range of problems.

Air purification basics Air purification basics