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Air contaminant extraction in individual paint-drying ovens

In an inductive paint-drying ofen, steel packing straps coated in water-soluble paint are dried. The resulting air contaminants are extracted. The extracted air then flows through a high-capacity cyclone, which used centrifugal force to separate out large particles. The pre-filtered exhaust air then flows through a model AC 8002 two-tiered electrostatic air filter with an effective suction capacity of approx. 8000 m³/h. The particles contained in the air (aerosols) are charged, channeled through an electrical field between the collector plates and filtered out.

The tension on the collector and ionizer can be adjusted, which allows the system to be adapted to a specific application (i.e. oil or emulsion, etc.) Next, an attached blower pushes the filtered exhaust air out through a vent stack. A sensor constantly monitors the exhaust air quality. The filtrate from the electrostatic precipitator and the cyclone is collected and expelled through corresponding pipes, where it is collected in bulk. The electrostatic air filter and exhaust air sensor can be controlled and monitored over a text display using SPC.

An advantage of this system is the high filtration efficiency of the ESP, as well as the use of regenerable filter elements. Thanks to the use of regenerable filter elements, we can clean off the filter inserts whenever we need, all without the high cost of disposing of old filters and purchasing replacements.

LTA's scope of delivery for this project included the model AC 8002 cleanable large filtration plant (approx. 8000 m³ effective suction capacity) with mounted accessories, a high-capacity cyclone, an exhaust air sensor and the set-up and start-up of the complete system in July 2009.

LTA air filter AC 8002, cyclone

LTA air filter AC 8002, cyclone
LTA air filter AC 8002, blower

LTA air filter AC 8002, blower

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Suction of air pollution at lacquer drying ovens

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