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JUMAT 3000/50 - Cylindrical grinding machines

Technical data:

Werkstück: Ausgleichswellen
Schleifaufgabe: Schleifen von Durchmesser und Planschulter
Grinding length: 400 mm
Clamping length: 400 mm
Component weigth: 15.000 kg
Swing Diameter: 150 mm
W x D x H mm (without peripherals): 3.400 x 2.800 x 2200 mm
Weight: 12.000 kg


  • OEM Inspection to identify the components necessary to be exchanged
  • Replacement of cables, lines and hoses (when necessary)
  • Replacement of the safety glasses on doors
  • New bearings for the workpiece, tailstock and grinding spindles
  • Overhaul or replacement of the pumps
  • New geometry protocol for maximum accuracy
  • Grinding of a representative workpiece in quality


  • Upgrade to table version 40/50/60 for more versatile grinding operations
  • Control or CPU retrofit to latest version of control for a better performance
  • New outside paintwork for an even better look
  • Services and Training from JUNKER experts
  • Special interfaces to your system
  • Air filtration package

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