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Developing the future of filtration

With LTA Lufttechnik at your side you can solve practically any filtration task. After all, as a technology leader, we are masters in this entire
field. We carry out research, development and production – with over 35 years of experience and in-depth understanding of customer
requirements. This results in technological milestones for companies and groups around the world.

Why not turn our advanced knowledge into a lasting benefit for yourself? We will support you throughout the entire product life cycle, from advice and planning,
installation and commissioning, through to professional services.

Breathe easy with LTA Lufttechnik.

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Nothing Gets Past This Level of Quality

Not only do intelligent filtration systems reliably remove pollutants from the air, they allow you to breathe easy when it comes to your business by lowering operating costs, minimizing downtimes, increasing availability, and optimizing personnel deployment. This is why LTA Lufttechnik takes a holistic approach to filtration.

As a global full-range supplier, we produce solutions for compact filtration systems and plan and set up filtration systems for large extraction systems. And we do all this for emulsion and oil mist as well as dust and chip extraction for particles ranging in size from 0.001 to 100 µm. Thanks to our expertise in the field of piping systems, flow simulations, safety technology and turn-key solutions, we create a whole range of added value for our customers across the entire life cycle of a system.

Compact Filtration Systems for Measurably More Efficient Processes

Modular LTA compact filtration systems combine numerous strengths in a small space. They impress with a high filtration efficiency (> 99%) while simplifying handling and maintenance. Thanks to their adjustable high-voltage generators, they can be used universally and they fulfill the ERP guidelines as energy-efficient filtration systems. With versatile accessories they can be optimally adapted to the specific application in question.

Electrostatic compact filtration systems operate based on the physical principle of deflection of electrically charged particles in an electric field. The medium that is to be filtered passes through the following process steps: pre-filter, ionization, collection and precipitation. The charged particles are neutralized in the downstream filter. The purified air can then be released outside.

Mechanical filtration systems guide the contaminated air through a porous medium in which the dispersed solid or aerosol particles are restrained using different mechanisms.

The Advantages Are Huge: Our Large Filtration Systems

From the group and central extraction of oil and emulsion mist on machines or machining centers through to entire factory halls: LTA filtration solutions provide purity whatever the size. A joint, robust large filtration system for all machines with cooling lubricants is used – as a single-stage or double-stage version, with an air throughput rate of up to 36,000 m³/h and energy-saving, flow-optimized design. Thanks to the flexible, modular construction, different extraction volumes can be achieved.

This provides you with a range of economic advantages: maintenance can be carried out at a central location, thereby reducing costs. Options such as heat recovery, CIP (Cleaning in Place), redundant operation, separate fan modules, efficient operation by means of air throttle valves and pressure sensors as well as a second filtration stage for the separation of particles greater than < 1 µm all optimize your costing and reduce the life cycle costs.

True professionals are always within reach

At LTA, we pride ourselves on working closely with our customers. Both in terms of the development of filtration solutions that precisely
match actual customer requirements, and in the geographical sense. Our service network spans 9 countries worldwide, so our customers
never need to wait longer than absolutely necessary for professional service.

Dedicated employees at all our sites provide professional support on all matters relating to industrial filtration. We ensure optimum availability of your filtration systems and see ourselves as the key to your productivity. Alongside our technical expertise, customers value our excellent availability and constructive collaboration.

Company history


LTA Lufttechnik GmbH established in Achern


AC I, II, III compact filtration system


Relocation to Nordrach and integration into the JUNKER Group


New business area – safety technology


Mechanical filtration system, type 100/RS/F


AC 3001/AC 3002 compact filtration system


AC 2000 mechanical filtration system


ZIMA products added to the portfolio


Filtration system with jet cleaning and its own control system DF 2000 Jet


New production site in Strédokluky


Development of the BASIC Line filter


Establishment of the company LTA Industrial Air Cleaning Systems, Inc. based in Elgin, IL, USA


Establishment of the company LTA Industrial Air Cleaning Systems s.r.o. based in Středokluky, CZ


Market launch of CIP in the field of compact filtration systems


Erwin Junker Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Junkerstraße 2
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