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Compact filtration systems for measurably more efficient processes

Modular LTA compact filtration systems combine numerous strengths in a small space. They impress with a high filtration efficiency (> 99%) while simplifying handling and maintenance. Thanks to their adjustable high-voltage generators, they can be used universally and they fulfill the ERP guidelines as energy-efficient filtration systems. With versatile accessories they can be optimally adapted to the specific application in question. Electrostatic compact filtration systems operate based on the physical principle of deflection of electrically charged particles in an electric field. The medium that is to be filtered passes through the following process steps: pre-filter, ionization, collection and precipitation. The charged particles are neutralized in the downstream filter. The purified air can then be released outside. Mechanical filtration systems guide the contaminated air through a porous medium in which the dispersed solid or aerosol particles are restrained using different mechanisms.



Areas of Application

  • Extraction and cleaning of oil mist and emulsion mist at machine tools
  • Collection and separation of solder fumes, welding fumes and oil fumes
  • Special applications, e.g., extraction of plastic, silicone and releasing agent vapors
  • Explosion and fire protection on machines with oil-cooled tools