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Extracting oil smoke and Aquatensid from hardening machines

In steel processing on a hardening machine, vapors, gases, smoke and other combustion particles form on the inductor coils and need to be extracted. The goal of the project was to capture and purify contaminated air and channel it back into the machine hall as efficiently as possible. The piping had to be sealed against gas and oil. Colored vapors and gases had to be kept from escaping.

In the front section of the hardening machine, material is quenched with oil. In this front area and also at the back, resulting smoke is captured by nozzle plates, which have proven to be an excellent capturing medium. The oil smoke is extracted and filtered using an electrostatic LTA air filter – the Air Champion 3062 model.

At the back of the machine, the material is tempered once again and then cooled with an Aquatensid. Air purity standards are maintained by three high-capacity model AC 2000 Solid air filters, which extract and filter out the Aquatensid.

Electrostatic LTA air filter, model Air Champion 3062

Electrostatic LTA air filter, model Air Champion 3062
3 high-capacity AC 2000 Solid air filters

3 high-capacity AC 2000 Solid air filters

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