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Large filtration systems

From the group and central extraction of oil and emulsion mist on machines or machining centers through to entire factory halls: LTA filtration solutions provide purity whatever the size. A joint, robust large filtration system for all machines with cooling lubricants is used – as a one-step or two-step version, with an air throughput rate of up to 36,000 m³/h and energy-saving, flow-optimized design. Thanks to the flexible, modular construction, different extraction volumes can be achieved.

This provides you with a range of economic advantages: maintenance can be carried out at a central location, thereby reducing costs. Options such as heat recovery, CIP (Cleaning in Place), redundant operation, separate fan modules, efficient operation by means of air throttle valves and pressure sensors as well as a second filtration stage for the separation of particles greater than < 1 microns all optimize your costing and reduce the life cycle costs.


LTA Large Filtration Systems in Detail

  • Large suction capacity thanks to modularity
  • Very good filtration efficiency (> 99%)
  • Robust, modular design
  • Efficient energy consumption thanks to flow-optimized design
  • The perfect solution for group and central extraction of oil and emulsion mist for machines and machining centers or entire factory halls
  • One-step and multi-step electrostatic cleaning possible
  • Can be equipped with suitable pre-filters for cleaning coarse contaminants and for a longer service life
  • Filter elements have a universal design
  • Central maintenance point and reduced maintenance costs
  • Pre-filters are integrated in the housing, and the filter elements can be fully cleaned
  • Redundant operation is possible
  • OPTION: Cleaning in Place (CiP) system available



  • Reduced maintenance/spare parts costs thanks to automated cleaning of the filter elements
  • Downtime is prevented thanks to redundant operation of the filtration systems
  • Energy-efficient operation of the systems using pressure sensors and frequency controller
  • Constant monitoring of the emission levels
  • Reduced aerosol/dust content in the hall air
  • Tool-based extraction
  • Volume flow can be infinitely adjusted (depending on the requirement)
  • Energy-efficient operation thanks to the use of a pressure sensor and a frequency converter