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A new level of efficiency for your JUNKER machine

JUNKER Group second hand machines: high utility, low investment

Fully overhauled JUNKER machines offer qualities at the level of new machines. JUNKER’s used machines are designed to offer the customer a machine with a view to long-term operation and spare parts supply.


  • The machines are inspected by JUNKER service center for main components like Control, axis, spindles and functional operations
  • Lower investment than for a new machine
  • Extended functions thanks to modern components
  • Greater flexibility thanks to new software
  • More applications and increased machining quality
  • Greater efficiency
  • JUNKER will perform a smart retrofitting on the machine
  • Suitability of the machine with the customer workpiece is checked
  • This issue is very important for special workpieces with assures the customers that the machine can grind their work piece properly
  • Additional components could be added to the machine for specific work piece
  • JUNKER support better spare parts availability

JUMAT 3000/50: Cylindrical grinding machine

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+49 7838 84-247 | retrofit@junker.de

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