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AC 20000 - Large-scale plant

For Coolant MIST

Suction and cleaning of Coolant Mist (Oil and Emulsion) on Machines, Processing Centers or Manufacturing Halls.

The AC20000 large filtration system stands out by its distinctly robust design. It offers the ideal solution for group and central suction of oil and emulsion mist on machines, processing centers or entire manufacturing halls. The modular design can be customized to customer requirements. Additionally, it is available with one-step as well as two-step electrostatic cleaning. It can be set up for cleaning of coarse contaminants and extended service life respectively adapted pre-filters.

The pre-filters are mounted in the housing and the filter elements are completely washable. The filter elements are universally designed and can be used for oil as well as emulsion. All filter inserts are completely compatible with the AC3000 series; the collector cell is additionally compatible with our AC1000 series ensuring simple and cost-efficient maintenance. The energy consumption is very low due to current optimization.

The filter has a very high degree of separation (> 99 %). The AC20000 base module is powered by 230 V. In combination with a blower unit the voltage is powered with three-phase current.

The AC20001 one-step filter has an air output of 20.000 – 25.000 m³/h,

The two-step filter AC20002has an air output of 20.000 – 25.000 m³/h, regardless of oil or emulsion. Additionally this filter series is modularly extendable up to 36.000 m³/h.

The “Solid” air filter is also available as the solid matter filter element. Optionally complete blower as well as automatic cleaning units are available for our large filtration systems.

The complete blower unit consists of:

  • Floor pan with assembly console
  • Blower enclosure (optional noise damping)
  • Connection tube for filter system
  • Central control cabinet with main switch
  • Blower with oscillation dampers

Automatic cleaning

  • Optional cleaning system for large modules
  • Cleaning of individual filter levels via integrated injection tubes with respective nozzles
  • Cleaning without chemical additives or watery solutions
  • Recondition of the cleaning oil via cleaning centrifuge
  • Compartmentalization of the filter system during the cleaning process with electrically controlled stop valve


  • Single-stage or multiple-stage version for the separation of coolant mist
  • Filter elements are compatible with our AC 1000 & AC 3000 filter series, which means low maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption due to air stream-optimized construction
  • Universal use for oil & emulsion mist
  • High-voltage generator pre-programmed with two voltage levels -> oil or emulsion
  • Service door can be optionally opened toward the left or right
  • Versatile options available
  • Ability to filtrate larger areas or centralized locations.
  • Optional CIP (Cleaning in Place) cleaning system
  • Function: the individual filter levels are cleaned via built-in nozzle holders with corresponding full-cone nozzles. This takes place without chemical additives or diluted solutions and offers the re-conditioning of cleaning oil using a cleaning centrifuge
AC 20000

Technical data: AC 20002

Oil Mist
Emulsion Mist
Volume Flow
20.000–24.000 m³/h
11.772–14.126 cfm
Electrical Connection in V, Hz, kVA
230, 50-60, 2.0
Differential Pressure in Pa
Dimensions (LxWxH)
1.300x2.695x2.300 mm
51x106x91 Inch
Weight (Approx.)
2.000 kg
4.409 lbs

Technical data: AC 20001

Oil Mist
Emulsion Mist
Volume Flow
20.000–22.000 m³/h
11.772–12.949 cfm
Electrical Connection in V, Hz, kVA
230, 50-60, 1.0
Differential Pressure in Pa
Dimensions (LxWxH)
650x2.695x2.300 mm
25x106x91 Inch
Weight (Approx.)
1.000 kg
2.205 lbs


Fan Output
20,000* m3/h
11,772 cfm
Electrical Connection in V, Hz, kVA
Differential Pressure in Pa
Sound Pressure Level in dB(A) (Approx.)
Dimensions (LxWxH)
2,222x2,400x2,280 mm
87x94x90 Inch
Weight (Approx.)
650 kg
1,433 lbs

* can be increased up to approx. 24,000 m³/h (14,126 cfm) using a frequency converter

Product Brochures AC 20000

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