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AC 500 - Compact Filtration System

For Coolant MIST

Suction and cleaning of coolant mist (Oil and Emulsion) on machines.

  • Compact design
  • Can be mounted directly on the machine
  • Cleanable filter elements in the electrostatic filtration system
  • Low energy consumption < 0.5 kW
  • Electrostatic or mechanical
  • No additional accessories required
  • Filtration efficiency > 99%

The AC500 compact filtration system for oil and emulsion suction with its distinguished compact design can be directly mounted to the machine. The backflow of the extracted medium also occurs directly on the machine.

The pre-filters are mounted in the housing and the filter elements are completely washable. Their universal design allows them to be utilized for oil as well as emulsion.

The energy consumption of the oil and emulsion filter AC500 is very low at only 0,5 KW. An external control cabinet not necessary, since the electronic unit is completely integrated into the air filter. The AC500 air filter provides a very high degree of separation (> 98 %) and is with < 75 dB (A) very quiet.

It can be powered via single-phase or optionally three-phase current. The filtration unit is built for an effective flow rate up to 800 m/h, i.e. the filter is suited for coolant pressure up to max. 20 bar inner cooling and a machine interior space of max 4 m³, regardless whether oil or emulsion.

The air filter is also available as "Solid" Model with the solid matter filter element.

AC 500

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