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JUNKER: a full-range supplier of high-tech automation solutions

The right automation system is crucial

Customers receive complete and tailored solutions using customized hardware and software interfaces. JUNKER ensures all components seamlessly interact, resulting in optimum efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings.

When interlinking becomes totality

Production automation is essential for manufacturing companies that need flexible production systems. JUNKER develops innovative concepts and customized automation solutions that provide flexibility and cost-savings.

A full spectrum of modern automation solutions 

JUNKER offers a complete range of services from a single source. Our automation solutions incorporate industrial and collaborative robots, loading cells, gantry loaders, and turnkey systems connected via networked production using the latest software and custom-fit digitization solutions. The automation and software interfaces are individually customized to fit the different conditions. JUNKER enables holistic solutions for control technology approaches, they include the development and implementation of intelligent process controls to ensure maximum economic efficiency.

Increase your productivity and competitive edge with automation solutions from JUNKER

  • Industrial robots
  • Collaborating robots
  • Internal gantry loaders
  • Loading

Automation solutions for efficient processes

Non-productive time is reduced considerably using cutting edge technology for robots or automated loading conveyors during the handling process. Internal gantry loaders can be converted to new workpiece configurations with minimal effort, ensuring smooth workpiece handling. Grinding wheel and tool changes can also be improved with the help of JUNKER automation concepts. Through the integration and combination of intelligent technologies, such as the use of collaborative  and automation robots, automation solutions are cost-effective even for  low volume, flexible productions. A high level of dynamic and productivity is achieved thanks to a combination of intelligent grinding machine interlinking and efficiently designed automation concepts.  

Effective and efficient automation solutions from the JUNKER Group

Complete system solutions from a single source

Automation options combined with features such as workpiece cleaning, measuring, brushing, or finishing complete the JUNKER range.

Facts and figures

53% of manufacturing companies already use robot technology with 66% planning to invest in robot technology in the next 3 to 5 years.

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