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With its four business divisions, AUTOMOTIVE, TOOLTEC, METALWORKING and SERVICE, JUNKER offers proven and innovative solutions for almost all fields of precision grinding.


We are reputable experts in development and system solutions, catering to the automotive manufacture and supplier industries, as well as to other manufacturers who use automated production facilities. That applies to both the development of optimised grinding concepts and to complete manufacturing cells and plant construction.

Automotive Junker Group
Tooltec Junker Group


Discerning customers use JUNKER Tooltec grinding machines to produce tap drills, twist drills, milling cutters, reamers and countersinks, as well as indexable inserts, saw blades and various special cutting tools. High-precision, economical and reliable, these high-performance production machines represent some of the top solutions available in the world of cutting tool manufacture.


For use at contract manufacturers, small suppliers and medium-sized companies, JUNKER Metalworking provides machines that are best suited for producing single parts and small series. They combine simple operation and reliable service with low costs, their short lead times and ease of installation making them a winning solution.

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Service Junker Group


JUNKER grinding technology is highly efficient. And the JUNKER Service Centers are there to keep it that way. The range of services we have to offer helps us to maintain the availability of your JUNKER grinding machine, to provide you with safe planning and to make costs transparent. The JUNKER Service Centers are there to assist you worldwide.