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On the fast track to success with the new JUCAM 6L from JUNKER

Complete machining of truck camshafts proves its worth

Effective complete machining of DAF camshafts for commercial vehicles is based on the sophisticated interplay between high-performance linear motors, ultra-precise in-process measuring systems and easily accessible components. The Dutch truck manufacturer is extending its camshaft machining operations by adding the modular concept on the new platform 6.

Comfortable furnishings, long maintenance intervals and excellent driving dynamics are the reasons for purchasing reliable DAF trucks. DAF praises its customers with the highest level of efficiency, maximum driving comfort and a high residual value.

The precisely machined camshafts ensure that the engines of commercial vehicles function faultlessly and constantly for a high mileage. With the JUCAM 6L, these are machined efficiently and ultra precisely in a single clamping set-up. „The camshafts are used in the six-cylinder diesel engine series of XF and CF models“, explains Wannes Bloemen, Senior Production Engineer, from DAF in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.





Halving the cycle times while complying with the tolerances is an optimum result 

Shortest cycle times ensure greater efficiency

Two wheelheads with four grinding spindles were installed in the grinding machine. The camshaft is clamped between centers, an integrated driver and a retractable jaw chuck. The ultra-precise in-process measuring systems ensure perfect radial and longitudinal positioning. First the bearings are machined, followed by the pump cams and inlet and outlet cams. An additional step to deburr the elements is not required. 

JUNKER‘s non-cylindrical grinding machine, JUCAM, provides process reliability by machining in a single clamping set-up. Mr. Bloemen explains: „Halving the cycle times while complying with the tolerances is an optimum result.“ Top speeds are achieved especially with the installed linear motors and the proven hydrostatic guides, as well as a reliable coolant system. The complete machining does away with the need for repeated loading and unloading. Within a defined spectrum of workpieces, the grinding machine can be easily set-up without mechanical retooling. 

Complete machining ensures process stability

Maximum quality while adhering to all tolerance specifications and the greatest process stability result in efficient truck camshaft machining. Mr. Bloemen confirms: 
„The modular and ergonomic design of the grinding machine and therefore the accessibility to the components are very important to us. For example the modular units for the hydraulic and coolant system. The associated flexibility and ease of maintenance were pivotal in DAF‘s decision to purchase.“

The installed in-process measuring systems ensure a precise profile contour on the cylindrical and non-cylindrical elements alike. These allow the data to be incorporated into the grinding process in real time. Even the smallest deviations are corrected immediately. The JUCAM machine runs fully automatically in continuous operation. The high-speed grinding machine is loaded by a robot and unloaded by a gantry loader.

JUNKER is a reliable partner with a very good technical understanding who achieves its objectives  at every stage in the project

Reliable, long-established partnership

Mr. Bloemen affirms that they have implemented several projects together: „JUNKER is a reliable partner with a very good technical understanding who achieves its objectives at every stage in the project.“ With a young, open-minded team, the truck manufacturer has been working with JUNKER for over 20 years and implements its projects using a constructive and targeted approach.

Complete machining of DAF truck camshaft 

The JUCAM non-cylindrical grinding machine boasts an ultra-flexible component configuration. (Source: JUNKER)

Latest generation DAF trucks 2021 01

DAF is setting a new benchmark with its brand new range of trucks. (Source: DAF)

Precise cylindrical and non-cylindrical machining

Together with the latest measuring technology and state-of-the-art control technology, camshafts are machined with the greatest precision. (Source: JUNKER). 

Latest generation DAF trucks 2021 03

Top quality, efficiency, safety and cab comfort combined in the groundbreaking new generation DAF trucks. (Source: DAF).


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