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Digitalization creates new perspectives

Undersecretary of State Katrin Schütz visiting JUNKER Group

Katrin Schütz, the Undersecretary of State at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Department of Commerce visited the grinding manufacturer Junker on March 1, 2018. At the headquarters in Nordrach, she got informed how the traditional company has been a pioneer in the digitalization of grinding machines. Furthermore, as an economic expert, she was very interested in the international direction of the Baden-based company.

"Digitalization allows us to utilize our energy and resources more efficiently and to increase our productivity" Katrin Schütz stated. The implementation of Industry 4.0 has been long underway successfully at Junker, the industry leader in CBN high speed grinding machines. The Undersecretary of State was able to see this for herself during her visit in Nordrach.

Manager Director Rochus Mayer explained the practical application of Industry 4.0 in the JUNKER Group. "For over ten years, we have been focusing consistently on the extensive collection of process and machine data. With our "partner4ju" program the digitalization is being adapted exactly to the customer's requirements."

Digitalization increases the machine capabilities. And it makes the world smaller: Even continents are only a mouse click away. Junker has worldwide subsidiaries. Within the group, the digital communication has been customary for a long time.  "We are extending our field of vision, gathering and exchanging expertise from all over the world", according to Rochus Mayer. Undersecretary of State Katrin Schütz appreciates the Junker Group's international orientation: "Being open toward new markets is a contribution to secure Germany as one of the future globally technology-leading locations." 

In the future it will be possible for machines to communicate with each other directly and regularly. Rochus Mayer is looking forward to this exciting development. "We have an excellent network. And we are well ahead with the digitalization of our machines." To keep this advantage, the Junker Group is focusing on further training of qualified employees among other things. The Managing Director explains: "We have common projects with the Technical University Offenburg. These co-operations ensure that our know-how grows with the increasing demands, especially in information technology."

At the end of the visit in the Black Forest, Undersecretary of State Katrin Schütz met with the Company's Founder, Erwin Junker. During their conversation she was quite impressed by his life's work and his life's motto: "Whatever you do - act smart and always consider the final outcome." How much the entrepreneur has always been following this philosophy is documented in the many patented processes and innovative technologies with which Junker has influenced the grinding technology since 1962.
In 1963, just a few years after the founding of the company, Junker already introduced the first fully automated groove grinding machine in the world for screw taps into the market. Numerous industry-leading new developments followed.

Katrin Schütz, Undersecretary of State of the Baden-Württemberg Department of Commerce (middle) with the Company's Founder and Owner Erwin Junker (right) and CEO Rochus Mayer (left).

Katrin Schütz during the plant visit with Plant Manger Tobias Armbruster.