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JUTWIST - Круглошлифовальные станки


The JUTWIST high-speed grinding machine establishes worm shaft profiles from blank. In just a single clamping setup, the JUTWIST grinds workpieces with multi-start threads and boasts using a clamping length of 300 mm and a swing diameter of up to 80 mm.

The worm shafts are used, for example, in the automotive industry and in general mechanical engineering, where they are used for transmission and power transmission, and are fitted in various steering systems, servomotors and parking brakes, for example. The production process can be easily transferred to other, geometrically similar workpieces.

Which worm shafts can be ground?

  • Right- and left-hand threads
  • Open and closed profiles, as well as profiles that are closed on one side
  • Shafts with multi-start threads
  • Various materials

Основные характеристики

  • Pre- and finish-grinding in a single setting
  • Long service life for the tools
  • Low tool costs
  • Multi-start threads can be ground
  • High quality (roundness, concentricity, dimensional accuracy, diameter tolerance)
  • Achievable surface quality of Rz 1 possible following the finish-grinding
  • Process-reliable, high repeat accuracy
  • Fast machine changeover

Способ шлифования

Thanks to the geometry calculation for the grinding wheel, the grinding medium is perfectly geared towards the thread shape of the workpiece. The electroplated profile grinding wheel that is used for the pre-grinding allows for a high cutting capacity and is ideal for processing soft materials but also the hardest materials.

Thanks to the innovative grinding process, the profile can be ground in a recess, which leads to enormous savings in the cycle time. For the subsequent finish-grinding with corundum, the passages are finalized and the final profile is produced. This results in workpieces with outstanding geometry and surface quality.

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Технические характеристики: JUTWIST 2000

Число шлифовальных бабок
Длина шлифования
300 mm
Зажимная длина
300 mm
Высота центров
150 mm
Вес заготовки
4 kg
Диаметр шлифовального круга (макс.)
170 - 250 mm
Наибольший диаметр обрабатываемой детали
80 mm
ШхВхГ мм
3.000 x 2.750 x 2.430 mm
Общий вес
18.000 kg

Поставляемые варианты шлифовальных бабок JUTWIST 2000

  • /30

Оснащение и опции


With the integrated deburring station, JUNKER offers the reliable and process-reliable removal of the broken tooth on the worm shafts in parallel to the grinding process. The workpieces are transported directly to the clamping system via an internal loading gantry.


The worm shaft is clamped on the workhead using a collet chuck. Furthermore, the workpiece is centrally clamped using a steady rest for the stock reference and using the tailstock for the center reference.


The positioning button measures the longitudinal and radial position. The measured values are automatically integrated into the grinding process by the control system. You can also use the positioning button to carry out numerous measuring operations, such as crown and root circle measurement.


The linear drive of the Z-axis allows for high moving and acceleration values. Furthermore, thanks to the interaction between the A-axis and the Y-axis, the profile's angle of inclination can be adjusted variably. As a result, the new technology provides the flexibility that is required in production. The C-axis with direct drive allows for an extremely high speed range up to 10,000 rpm.


With the comprehensive JUWOP II software, the JUTWIST is optimally equipped and guarantees simple operation, fast loading and perfect programming results. The Erwin Junker Operator Touch Panel was specially developed for controlling grinding machines. All machine components are controlled via the control panel – irrespective of the series or the control system that is used. The identical structure, intuitive menu navigation and visualization of the workpiece geometry make it extremely user-friendly and flexible to operate. It is programmed directly via the control panel or via an external programming tool.


The mineral cast machine bed impresses with its damping performance and high torsional stiffness. Thanks to the temperature stability, fluctuations in the environmental temperature can be effortlessly offset. This guarantees high dimensional accuracy 24 hours a day.


Thanks to the optimized arrangement of the grippers for the blank and finished part, the internal V-loader allows for ideal workpiece handling. Within just a few seconds, the workpiece is changed and, thanks to the keyhole transfer, it is transferred to the external loading system – optimal production capacity while also easing the workload of the operating personnel. The loading systems can also be combined with various feeding and unloading systems, such as conveyor belts or systems that have been adapted to meet customer requirements.

As a full-service provider, the JUNKER Group provides tailor-made automation solutions.


The dressing of the grinding wheel is controlled by CNC. A driven diamond dressing wheel or a workpiece-dependent diamond profile roller can be used. The dressing is carried out via an automatic dressing program with grinding wheel compensation. In parallel to the loading process, a dressing device can be used to dress the corundum grinding wheel. This reduces the auxiliary process times.


An electroplated CBN grinding wheel is used for the pre-grinding. Corundum is used as the abrasive for the finish-grinding.


In the event of a deflagration, the inside of the machine is automatically hermetically sealed, meaning that a fire is extinguished before it can spread. If required, extinguishing systems (CO² or water mist fire extinguishers) and waste air purification plants can also be installed. LTA Lufttechnik GmbH is a competent partner for fire protection and filtration solutions. The company also belongs to the JUNKER Group and researches, develops and produces filter systems for industrial air purification.


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