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RETROFiT overhaul increases a machine’s service life. After comprehensive machine diagnostics all the filters in the pneumatic and hydraulic components are replaced. The workpiece, dressing and grinding spindles are overhauled by replacing and re-lubricating the bearings as well as carrying out a function test. If required the components will also be replaced. All relevant infeed axes will be examined and special seals replaced. Our technicians will then implement the planned modification either on site or at a JUNKER plant – to the highest level of quality. Following the RETROFiT, the machines are tested extensively and then re-integrated into production.

Possible scope:

  • Machine diagnostics
  • Basic cleaning
  • Replacement of all filters in pneumatic and hydraulic components
  • Overhaul of:
    1. Workpiece, tailstock, and grinding spindles
    2. Pumps
    3. Relevant infeed axes
  • Replacement of special seals
  • Geometric report
  • Option of replacement machine to bridge the gap


  • Lengthens the service life
  • Increases availability

Contact our experts: retrofit@junker.de

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