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As an extension of overhaul, RETROFIT renewal offers numerous  additional services, such as revision of the safety technology including an overhaul of the vision panels, pump replacement or overhaul as well as complete replacement of all lines and hoses in the machine’s wet area. In addition, replacement of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders and other axis components further increases the machine’s service life. To suit special requirements and specific budgets, we can create customer-specific RETROFiT renewal component packages. Component packages can also be combined with RETROFiT upgrades.

Possible scope:

  • Machine diagnostics
  • Intensive machine cleaning
  • Replacement of all filters in pneumatic and hydraulic components
  • Replacement of valves and components in the cooling lubricant circuit
  • Replacement of:
    • Cables, lines and hoses
    • Vision panels
    • Workpiece, tailstock and grinding spindles
    • Pumps
    • All CNC axes
    • Cylinders
  • Geometry measurement
  • Hood and machine base paintwork
  • Warranty for replaced parts
  • Overhaul of peripheral equipment (air filter, cooling lubricant system, etc.)
  • Option of replacement machine to bridge the gap


  • Increased service life
  • Reduced training required in comparison to a new machine

Contact our experts: retrofit@junker.de

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