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JUCAM 1S 20-18 – Simultaneous grinding of cams and bearings

Engine and pump manufacturers around the world rely on the JUCAM series for one simple reason: The non-cylindrical grinding machines win them over with their maximum precision grinding results. And...

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JUNKER partner4JU and JUSTAR: Intelligent Machines for Intelligent Production

Grinding machine manufacturer JUNKER has brought the industry 4.0 concept to life in a single machine: the JUSTAR machining center grinds finished tools from rods in just a single clamping set-up....

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SPINEA s.r.o.: Precision paired with productivity in the robotics industry

SPINEA manufactures high-precision reduction gears. Developed and perfected for the robotics industry, the gears are used by leading robot manufacturers. Precision is therefore a must during...

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Maximum Precision for Rotor Shafts - TM Precision Mechanical Production GmbH in Slovakia

The latest washing machines are so quiet that they could even be placed in the living room. This is thanks, in part, to high-precision motor shafts – the specialty of TM Precision Mechanical...

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The Versatile World of Grinding with Corundum - ZEMA NUMERIKA Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Large quantities, precise geometries and a wide range of parts: the automotive industry, in particular, has high demands when it comes to production. With the ZEMA NUMERIKA corundum-grinding machine,...

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Short delivery times for low quantities

Bass GmbH & Co. KG specializes in the manufacture of cutting and forming tools for machining internal threads. Bass provides its customers with solutions that are customized to their requirements and,...

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JUNKER is taking the next step in the world of Industry with partner4JU

partner4JU describes more than just small changes in the world of industrial production. Systems and machines must be incorporated into a never-seen-before network of all company departments, with...

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Gentle on the environment, tough on aerosols

LTA Lufttechnik GmbH represents a milestone on the route towards cleaner air in metal cutting: The new electrostatic air filter AC 3002 CIP is exclusively fitted with regenerative filter elements....

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Smart clamping set-up enhances productivity

Using a new method of external cylindrical grinding between centers for shaft components, JUCENTRIC 500 from JUNKER slashes cycle times by half. The cylindrical grinding machine is a specialist in the...

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In the cycle of time - Precise and efficient parallel grinding process

Customers need ever more technologically sophisticated but at the same time economical solutions. Central drive – the new assembly by JUNKER. The central drive is a special drive system which clamps...

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Ready for intelligent production

Digitalization with grinding machines from JUNKER

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Reliable grinding talent from ZEMA

FLEXA corundum grinding machine for Breu GmbH

Breu Diamantwerkzeug GmbH uses corundum grinding machines for the manufacture of diamond and CBN tools. The FLEXA external and internal cylindrical...

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Corundum grinding machines from the JUNKER Group

The JUNKER Group has extended its range of grinding machines: With its new ZEMA corundum line, the world market leader in CBN high-speed grinding machines is now also offering efficient solutions for...

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Economical grinding of cam pieces

Ever more stringent regulations are being imposed on carbon emissions from vehicles. One solution to ensure compliance with these regulations is with variable engine timing using cam pieces. The JUCAM...

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Grinding instead of turning in series production

When manufacturing small components with a diameter of between 2 and 20 mm, the GRINDSTAR grinding machine from Junker offers an economical alternative to turning. From batch sizes of 200,000, short...

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Crankshaft grinding with JUNKER grinding machines

The crankshaft is the heart of any engine. By means of connecting rods, the crankshaft converts the oscillating, linear movement of the pistons into rotational movements, which then drive the engine...

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