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In the cycle of time - Precise and efficient parallel grinding process

Customers need ever more technologically sophisticated but at the same time economical solutions. Central drive – the new assembly by JUNKER. The central drive is a special drive system which clamps the workpiece in the center and drives it via a servomotor. This enables both workpiece ends to be ground simultaneously.

The central drive is available in two different versions. First of all, one for crankshafts which are positively driven at the web contour. As a result the central drive replaces the driver (jaw chuck) and subsequently permits the parallel grinding of the flange and journal. Furthermore for workpieces which have a bearing point in the center. In this case, the central drive, with precision power chuck, is taking over the driving and guiding the workpiece. Depending on the workpiece contour, this enables simultaneous grinding of inside diameters, face ends and outer contours (outside diameters) of the workpiece, guaranteeing short cycle times and perfect correlation to the clamping diameter. The central drive is currently used on JUNKER platform 6 machines.

Current applications: Crankshafts, gearshafts and gears.

Our knowledgeable sales team is looking forward to provide you with additional information on the new assembly. Please contact us here with your inquiry. Thank you!

The central drive with center clamping chuck is taking over the centering and driving of the workpiece, e.g. hollow shafts for DCT transmissions.

The central drive is a driving unit which is driving a crankshaft positively via a web contour.