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Nothing Gets Past This Level of Quality

Not only do intelligent filtration systems reliably remove pollutants from the air, they allow you to breathe easy when it comes to your business by lowering operating costs, minimizing downtimes, increasing availability, and optimizing personnel deployment. This is why LTA Lufttechnik takes a holistic approach to filtration.

As a global full-range supplier, we produce solutions for compact filtration systems and plan and set up filtration systems for large extraction systems.   We specialize in emulsion and oil mist, as well as dust and chip extraction, for particles ranging in size from 0.001 to 100 µm. Utilizing our expertise in the field of piping systems, flow simulations, safety technology and turn-key solutions, we create a whole range of added value for our customers across the entire life cycle of a system.

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One of our Key Elements: Innovation

Filtration systems tie up capital and have a pay-back period of several years. Which makes it all the more important to opt for future-proof technology. In this regard, LTA Lufttechnik is considered to be a safe bet for market-based development. This is because we actively shape industry progress through our own research and groundbreaking product developments.

One of our current highlights is the premiere of a revolutionary electrostatic filtration system for the extraction of oil and emulsion mist. This LTA innovation is the first self-cleaning compact filtratio system on the market. It enables the cooling lubricant to be recovered, delivers a higher filtration efficiency and does not produce any special waste.

This innovation pays off directly for industrial enterprises in the form of cost savings, waste prevention and greater process reliability, for example. Operators are supported by forward-looking LTA developments to ensure they remain competitive over the long term. And they can adapt to new requirements without pressure to invest.

Echte Profis sind immer greifbar

Kundennähe hat bei LTA besonders großen Stellenwert. Einerseits bei der Entwicklung von Filtrationslösungen, die tatsächliche Kundenbedürfnisse präzise abbilden. Andererseits aber auch im geografischen Sinne. Unser Servicenetz erstreckt sich weltweit über 7 Länder hinweg, damit unsere Kunden auf professionellen Service niemals länger warten als unbedingt nötig.

An allen Standorten leisten engagierte Mitarbeiter professionellen Support in allen Fragen der industriellen Filtration. Wir sichern die bestmögliche Verfügbarkeit Ihrer Filtrationssysteme ab und verstehen uns als Garant Ihrer Produktivität. Dabei schätzen Kunden neben der fachlichen Expertise unsere hohe Verfügbarkeit und konstruktive Zusammenarbeit.

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Company history


LTA Lufttechnik GmbH established in Achern


AC I, II, III compact filtration system


Relocation to Nordrach and integration into the JUNKER Group


New business area – safety technology


Mechanical filtration system, type 100/RS/F


AC 3001/AC 3002 compact filtration system


AC 2000 mechanical filtration system


ZIMA products added to the portfolio


Filtration system with jet cleaning and its own control system DF 2000 Jet


New production site in Strédokluky


Development of the BASIC Line filter


Establishment of the company LTA Industrial Air Cleaning Systems, Inc. based in Elgin, IL, USA


Establishment of the company LTA Industrial Air Cleaning Systems s.r.o. based in Středokluky, CZ


Market launch of CIP in the field of compact filtration systems


Mechanical separation of oil particles through coalescence-technology


New M-line with mechanical filter elements


40th anniversary of LTA Lufttechnik GmbH