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Shaft grinding with the versatile and powerful corundum grinding machine from ZEMA

Tough shafts made easy to grind

With its many wheelhead variants, the KARGO corundum grinding machine by ZEMA is perfect for external, internal, surface, thread and conical grinding of particularly large workpieces. The KARGO machine handles shafts up to 4600 mm long weighing several tons.


  • High-precision grinding solution for medium-sized and heavy workpieces
  • Flexible choice of grinding operations thanks to the various wheelhead configurations
  • Measuring systems customizable to workpieces and customer specifications at the in-process or post-process stage or designed as an absolute measuring system, as preferred
  • Stable and robust machine design enables high-precision grinding operations
  • An economical machine with proven JUNKER technology

The KARGO grinds workpieces weighing up to 2000 kg. In its biggest design, it is has a clamping length of 4600 mm, a grinding length of 4500 mm and a swing diameter of up to 850 mm. The grinding wheels, which have a maximum diameter of up to 915 mm, allow for a long service life.

The machine design sets new benchmarks with up to two integrated wheelheads. Additionally, the different wheelhead configurations make the machine incredibly flexible for a wide range of grinding operations. Its sophisticated cross slide design and proven ZEMA hydrostatic technology mean that the grinding machine requires very little maintenance. The high-performance grinding spindles enable you to achieve perfect results.

The JUWOP software ensures that the machine is easy and flexible to program, tool and operate. The machine also comes with an optional absolute measuring system that determines corrections without the need for an external measuring machine and optimizes the machining parameters in a single work step. The end result is a stable, enclosed process that leads to significantly better grinding results.