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KARGO: the perfect universal grinding machine for large and heavy workpieces

Heavy workpieces easily ground

JUNKER’s KARGO offers a new dimension in the machining of large and heavy workpieces. Thanks to its various sizes and numerous wheelhead variants, as well as the precision and flexibility it offers, these machines are ideal for mastering any grinding task in the metalworking industry.

KARGO solves big challenges

The robust KARGO universal grinding machine impresses with its precision on large and heavy workpieces. It’s ideal for contract manufacturers and production companies who do a lot of set-up work and process small batch sizes, as well as for series production. Due to a wide range of wheelhead variations, KARGO is capable of complex grinding solutions tailored to the customer’s workpiece in one clamping.

Up to 4,500 mm / 177” long - grinding workpieces of this size is a challenge mastered by KARGO. KARGO is used for shaft grinding in electromobility and aviation, components for wind turbines, extruder screws for plastics processing plastics, industrial turbochargers, hydraulic cylinders and pumps, broaching needles, axles for commercial vehicles, crankshafts, camshafts, and transmission shafts.

Excellent flexibility and precision

KARGO‘s wide range of wheelhead variants and ingenious table assembly design allows for a substantial increase in production flexibility. It offers a workhead and tailstock that can be positioned manually or optionally programmed by means of a CNC axis. CNC-controlled steady rests with an overtravel function ensure optimum support and fixation of the workpiece. The modular machine concept ensures a high level of stability and dimensional accuracy, and the high-performance linear drives of the axes and the optimized guide system’s precision allow for a wide range of grinding applications, especially for grinding applications of polygons and cylindrical, concave/convex elliptical shapes. 

JUNKER meets an increasing demand in quality requirements for large workpieces with an integrated and high-precision absolute measuring system. Two measuring systems can be used at the same time,  eliminating the change over between different part types. New conversational software features allow machine operators to make program and parameter changes with ease. Special cycles can be easily added and standard cycles can be used as parameters in the programming. Simple operation in conjunction with quick changeover table assemblies make the KARGO an unbeatable solution for flexible customer needs. 

The ideal geometry and high cutting efficiency for the process is achieved and maintained with the dressing of the grinding wheel. The highly customizable dressing unit is designed to save space and meet the customer’s unique grinding requirements. JUNKER’s universal grinding machine, KARGO, offers the perfect prerequisite for achieving excellent results even on large and heavy workpieces in single-item or series production.

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