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Solutions for the future

When it comes to both networked machines and individual solutions, the JUNKER Group places significant importance on standardized interfaces such as workpiece transport and measurement devices. This ensures the long-term compatibility of all the plant components and enables already developed solutions to be simply extended or updated at any time. JUNKER production lines are and remain fit for the future.

The JUNKER Group is able to offer extensive references for the design and implementation of production lines. This benefits all kinds of customers from across widely differing branches of industry. They may rest assured that their production line will be optimized in terms of cost and implemented by true professionals.

Production lines: We offer more than just individual machines

JUNKER’s extensive product range is key to demonstrating the outstanding flexibility offered, supplying customers from across wide-ranging sectors of industry with individual grinding solutions. The JUNKER Group, however, supplies more than just standalone machines. We plan and implement complete production lines and non-standard solutions.

We are able to draw on over 150 machine types to create individual, versatile grinding systems. This broad product portfolio represents enormous benefits for our customers. On this basis, The JUNKER Group is able to put together a diverse range of solutions for all different needs. The customer selects the variant which best suits his framework conditions and long-term strategic planning. This applies to aspects such as capacity for subsequent retooling on a production line to process different workpieces.

General contractor: We do more than just sell. We plan and implement too

The JUNKER Group produces world-class grinding machines and filtration systems but that's far from everything we do.  We also provide a dependable service in its role as general contractor. The company assumes complete process responsibility and takes charge of every aspect of project management for the customer.

When it comes to integrating modern grinding and filtration technology into existing production processes, customers can rest assured that everything is in the very best hands. The JUNKER Group work as general contractor includes not only planning and engineering, but also technical and commercial processing, delivery, set-up, commissioning and final acceptance.

Technology Center: For demonstrating and for testing

There's no more convincing argument to prove the outstanding properties of a JUNKER machine for customers than witnessing the technology in operation first hand. To showcase their world-class technology, JUNKER has set up a Technology Center at its headquarters in Nordrach and equipped it with a wide range of JUNKER grinding machines ready for customer demonstrations. This Technology Center is designed for both machine presentations as well as in-house testing.