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Fields of application



Lathes are machine tools for producing rotationally symmetric workpieces. Continuous developments in this field and faster cutting and feed speeds present ever new challenges for occupational safety and cleaning of machinery exhaust air. LTA filtration systems are ideal for extracting and removing cooling lubricants and dust.

Milling machines

Milling machines are machine tools for producing three dimensional bodies that range from simple to complex. At least three feed directions are available on milling machines. Material is removed by means of rotating cutting tools. LTA air filters are used to remove cooling lubricant from the machine’s exhaust air.

Grinding machines

Grinding machines are machine tools for smoothing surfaces and for fine machining of shapes and geometries. Because of the fast tool speeds, the finest particles of cooling lubricant form in high-speed grinding machines due to atomization. These cooling lubricants are collected by LTA oil and emulsion mist filters.