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The ACADEMY service area offers practical training and individual training sessions. Operating staff can received programming and operation training even before the grinding machines deliver. However, higher productivity can also be achieved later on through subsequent training sessions, additional tips and knowledge. The goal of the training is to set up machines properly, operate them safely and implement efficient production.

The ultimate objective in day-to-day working life is to optimally utilize the potential of grinding machines and filtration systems and to ensure availability. The JUNKER Group offers practical training programs for the entire process, from machine operation and programming to maintenance and repairs. The committed and qualified training team adapt the training program to the current, customer-specific challenges and carry out the training with a practical orientation, either on site or in a JUNKER plant, professionally and to the highest quality.

Handling and operation Programming Service and maintenance Grinding technology with CBN Chatter marks and grind burn Siemens/Fanuc control technology Retooling workshops Older operation/NC systems Grinding technology for career changers


  • Customized training sessions
  • Full utilization of machine potential
  • Minimization of operating faults
  • Reduction in service costs
  • Reduced downtimes


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