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Profile and cut-off grinding machines

JUNKER profile and cut-off grinding machines replace turning through the use of high-speed plunge-cut grinding without dressing. The GRINDSTAR provides an enormous potential for savings, especially with large production volumes.

Grindstar Einspritzventil

Creating the entire workpiece contour in the first work step delivers great potential savings in comparison to conventional turning: the CBN profile grinding wheel creates the entire contour on the bar stock in the shortest possible time. This concept significantly increases dimensional accuracy and surface quality as compared to turning, since profile and cut-off grinding does not require changing the tool. The GRINDSTAR handles all kinds of steel, as well as kinds of steel, more exotic materials such as ceramics, glass fiber-reinforced plastics and thermosetting plastics. Using CBN wheels to cut off the parts allows the GRINDSTAR to achieve excellent surface quality and accuracy.

The profile and cut-off grinding machines enable large volume grinding with short cycle times: all work steps such as profiling and cutting off take place on one grinding machine. The GRINDSTAR machine concept guarantees high process reliability with availability of over 96% and a long tool life. An innovative cooling system allows the grinding wheels to carry out precision work with consistent quality over long periods.

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