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MEASURE – Improving the quality and reducing the auxiliary process times of grinding machines

With RETROFiT MEASURE, processes are optimized by installing updates and integrating a range of advanced measuring systems. Grinding wheels, for example, can be measured automatically. This means that the condition of the grinding wheels can be viewed at any time – and, thanks to automatic corrections, the quality of the workpieces always remains consistently high. By installing an update for the roundness measuring system, deviations and disturbances such as the influence of temperature, grinding measurement fluctuation or material changes can be compensated for automatically. Costly and time-consuming measurements outside of the machine can be eliminated, and the resulting savings in auxiliary process times can increase productivity.

Possible scope:

  • Installation of measuring system updates
  • Integration of automatic measuring systems


  • Improvement in workpiece quality
  • Reduction in auxiliary process times thanks to automation and in-process measurement
  • Simplified process handling

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