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Multi-station grinding center

JUNKER multi-station grinding centers enable simultaneous workpiece grinding on two stations. The wide variety of wheelhead options allows for custom grinding processes and optimal configuration for each workpiece.

Jucenter Getriebewelle

The JUNKER multi-station grinding machine’s strengths include fewer downtimes, high quality end products, and quick production times. The machine concept ensures process reliability with its stable mechanics and intelligent software. A smaller machine with lower overall investment makes the multi-station grinder an excellent value as compared to individual machines. A CNC control with a user-friendly interface rounds off the overall package provided by the machine.

The option to combine cylindrical and non-cylindrical grinding processes, both internal and external, results in an unsurpassed level of versatility in just a single machine. A fully-integrated, internal loading gantry ensures smooth workpiece handling within the machine and transfer options for blanks and finished parts outside the machine. All automation and software interfaces are defined to suit the customer’s specific needs and adapted to the conditions in question. The JUCENTER machine grinds workpieces such as gear shafts, crankshafts, and camshafts.

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