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Cylindrical grinding machines

The large range of cylindrical grinding machine models from JUNKER and ZEMA offers the ideal solution for every requirement. Whether it is a highly flexible grinding machine for prototype construction, small-scale production, or a fully automated production machine for 3-shift operation throughout the entire year, the JUNKER Group develops machines to suit every need.

Jumat Rundschleifen

Complete grinding of a variety of workpieces in a single clamping set-up results in numerous advantages, both in terms of cycle time and handling effort. An array of configuration options prepares every machine-- from the standard model to the highly customized -- for the task at hand. Additional measurement systems, full automation and connection to existing lines and systems result in custom grinding solutions. All machines offer JUNKER’s usual quality features such as the sophisticated operating concept and extremely stable machine bed. Cylindrical grinding machines from JUNKER and ZEMA are also highly adaptable even after installation: They can be retooled to carry out other tasks at any time and are ready for digital networking.

Not only do JUNKER and ZEMA cylindrical grinding machines master all fundamental grinding processes such as longitudinal, plunge-cut and angular plunge-cut grinding, they also handle more complex processes such as profile, screw, thread and plane surface grinding. External and internal grinding processes are also possible and can be combined. Typical workpieces machined on cylindrical grinding machines include all kinds of shafts and bolts, such as gear, turbocharger and rotor shafts. The cylindrical grinding machines from JUNKER and ZEMA are ideal for prototype, small, and large scale production.

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