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LTA Lufttechnik has the ideal concept for all environmental conditions. Whether a large company or a small business – LTA filtration systems adapt flexibly for a wide range of applications.

Electrostatic oil and emulsion mist filters are the preferred solution for precipitation of aerosols in industry. Not only are these highly efficient (far in excess of 99% as new), they also work with fully washable filter elements that are almost free from pressure loss. This means that the power for the conveying fans can be reduced to a minimum while the disposal costs are limited to the wastewater when cleaning the filter elements. Electrostatic precipitation only loses a minimal amount of cooling lubricant during the transition to the gas phase.

Applications which allow limited use of electrostatic filtration systems (for example the flash point of the oil is less than 120°C) require mechanical solid matter filters. These applications need optimized flow conditions in order to achieve ideal extraction with high separation efficiency and low volume flows. Such optimization enables aerosol capture with minimal energy and also maximizes the service life of the filter elements.


  • Increased occupational safety
  • Less wear
  • More efficient workforce
  • Long-term availability