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Electrostatic filtration systems for cooling lubricant mist

Electrostatic filtration systems for oil and emulsion mist are the ideal solution for sustainable production in industry and skilled trades. The pre and post-filters are fully washable so they can be reused. As highly flow-optimized solutions, the electrostatic cooling lubricant mist filters have a long service life and offer sustained, constant performance.

In electrostatic filtration systems for cleaning and extracting oil and emulsion mist, the first step involves extracting the polluted air via a pre-filter. This separates coarse particles larger than 3 µm and the pre-filter also protects the downstream filter elements from foreign bodies. Next, an electric field gives the incoming neutral aerosols a positive charge in the ionizer. These positively charged particles are deflected by collector plates (negative charge) and separated out in the downstream collector. The neutralization filter neutralizes any remaining positively charged dust particles in the penultimate step. Optional post-filters, such as those for smoke or odors, can also be fitted. The fan sucks the air flow through the air filter via the connection opening and coveys the purified air out of the housing.


  • Modular design
  • Consistently high suction power for sustainable protection of people and the environment

Electrostatic filtration systems for cooling lubricant mist

Electrostatic filtration systems for cooling lubricant mist Electrostatic filtration systems for cooling lubricant mist Electrostatic filtration systems for cooling lubricant mist Electrostatic filtration systems for cooling lubricant mist Electrostatic filtration systems for cooling lubricant mist Electrostatic filtration systems for cooling lubricant mist Electrostatic filtration systems for cooling lubricant mist


CIP - Automatic cleaning system

Automatic cleaning system with consistently high filtration efficiency and operational reliability over the long-term. This LTA automatic system cleans using the cooling lubricant in the machine (e.g. lathe or grinding machine) without chemical additives or diluted solution. The CIP automatic cleaning system for machine tools permanently reduces material, personnel, energy and disposal costs.

BSC - Inexpensive entry-level air filters

Inexpensive entry-level air filters which do not have an interface to the machine but still offer all the advantages of electrostatic filtration systems.

CMP - Compact filtration systems

Compact filtration systems for use in situations with limited space.

MG - for machining magnesium

Electrostatic filtration systems, especially for machining magnesium.

Technical data

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LTA assumes a 250-fold per cubic meter and hour rate as a guide for air exchange for cooling lubricant. As an example, a machining area of 5 m3 in the machine and automatic loading result in a required effective suction capacity of approximately 1,250 m3/h. If the machine is manually loaded, a faster air exchange rate is required. Whatever the requirement, LTA’s filtration experts will find the perfect solution. The recommended collection rates lie between 2.5 and 10 m/s.

Electrostatic oil and emulsion mist filters are generally recommended. If emulsion is used as a cooling lubricant, then a mechanical air filter can also be used up to a concentration of 5%. If oil is used, then the use of a mechanical filtration system is also possible up to an oil flash point of 120°C. In the case of cooling lubricant pressures of up to 40 bar, one-step air filters can be used, for pressures greater than 40 bar, the two-step versions of the electrostatic air filters are recommended for industry and skilled trades.

In the case of dust and fumes, a 100 to 300-fold per cubic meter and hour rate is assumed as a guideline for air exchange. The experts at LTA will plan the right filter for you and your needs. As an example, a machining area of 4 m3 in the machine and automatic loading results in an required effective suction capacity of approximately 400 to 1,200 m3/h. The recommended collection rates, or welding and brazing for example, where pollutants only have low airspeeds in calm air are 0.5 to 1 m/s. If the pollutants have higher airspeeds in moving air zones, such as during grinding or sandblasting, then a collection rate of 2.5 to 10 m/s is taken into account.

If the dust is oily or moist, filtration can be ensured by an optional pre-coating unit or an electrostatic filtration system. Odors and other small particles can be removed by an additional post-filter.

Electrical Connection V
Suction m³/h
Fan Power m³/h
Electrical Connection Hz
Electrical Connection kVA
Differential Pressure Pa
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) ca.
Measurement mm
Weight kg(ca.)
E 80-1230800131550-60 0.60 49070855x595x31068 Integrated
E 80-1400800195050 0.45 78070845x595x31071 Integrated
E 80-CMP-1230800131550-60 0.60 49070500x500x59060 Integrated
E 80-CMP-1400800195050 0.45 78070500x500x61060 Integrated
E 120-12301200240050-60 0.78 84070800x625x610100 Integrated
E 120-14001200320050 1.23 98070800x625x610110 Integrated
E 120-22301200240050-60 0.93 840701130x625x610130 Integrated
E 120-24001200320050 1.38 980701130x625x610140 Integrated
E 120-BSC-12301200240050-60 0.78 84070800x660x61085 Integrated
E 120-BSC-14001200320050 1.23 98070800x660x61090 Integrated
E 120-BSC-22301200240050-60 0.93 840701130x660x610110 Integrated
E 120-BSC-24001200320050 1.38 980701130x660x610115 Integrated
E 120-CMP-22301200240050-60 0.93 84070950x625x1000130 Integrated
E 120-CMP-24001200320050 1.23 98070950x625x1000135 Integrated
E 120-HCIP-24001200320050 1.23 980701070x625x900190 Integrated
E 240-12302400480050-60 1.40 84075800x1105x610170 Integrated
E 240-14002400640050 2.13 98075800x1105x610180 Integrated
E 240-22302400480050-60 1.60 840751130x1105x610230 Integrated
E 240-24002400640050 2.30 980751130x1105x610240 Integrated
E 240-HCIP-24002400640050 2.70 980751070x1220x900400 Integrated
E 480-140048001280050 4.26 98075800x1105x1170340 Integrated
E 480-240048001280050 4.56 980751130x1105x1170460 Integrated
E 720-140072001920050 6.40 98075800x1105x1730510 Integrated
E 720-240072001920050 6.80 980751130x1105x1730690 Integrated
E 800-1230800050-60 1.60 150650x1100x2300450 B 800
E 800-2230800050-60 3.20 1501010x1100x2300900 B 800
E 800-HCIP-2230800050-60 3.20 1501300x1100x2500950 B 800
E 1200-12301200050-60 1.60 150650x1580x2300550 B 1200
E1200-22301200050-60 3.20 1501010x1580x23001100 B 1200
E 1600-12301600050-60 3.20 150650x2200x2300900 B 1600
E 1600-22301600050-60 6.40 1501010x2200x23001800 B 1600
E 1600-HCIP-22301600050-60 6.40 1501300x2200x25001900 B 1600
E 2000-12302000050-60 3.20 150650x2695x23001000 B 2000
E 2000-22302000050-60 6.40 1501300x2695x23002000 B 2000
E 2400-12302400050-60 3.20 150650x3160x23001100 B 2400
E 2400-22302400050-60 6.40 1501010x3160x23002200 B 2400

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