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With RETROFiT PROCESS, JUNKER’s specialists analyze the grinding machines and their environment according to new technological developments. This analysis includes aspects such as the grinding process and cycle times, dressing process, travel paths, integrated assemblies, interlinked automation, workpiece cooling and process parameters such as measuring values, temperatures and pressures. After defining areas of improvement, a subsequent test ensures that production runs smoothly. RETROFiT PROCESS is ideal for integrating additional workpieces into machines. This addition involves the creation of a tool plan, development and implementation of the new grinding process and compiling and producing the necessary accessories. Detailed documentation rounds off the RETROFiT PROCESS. Increasing the product scope also provides a competitive advantage.

Possible scope:

  • Determination of the grinding process and corresponding software
  • Creation of a tool plan and the necessary accessories
  • Analysis of the machine, the grinding process and its environment according to current thinking
  • Installation of a log manager to evaluate process parameters


  • Increased competitiveness
  • Greater product scope
  • Optimization of the grinding process
  • Increase in availability, performance and productivity
  • Greater flexibility due to new software

Contact our experts: retrofit@junker.de

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