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There are 18 air purifiers at "Ludwig Reinhard" Elementary School in Boizenburg

The VC 60 from LTA is now being used to filter the air in classrooms

There are 18 air purifiers in the classrooms and labs at "Ludwig Reinhard" Elementary School in Boizenburg. The VC 60 air purifiers from LTA Lufttechnik GmbH improve both air quality and well-being – an important step in providing greater safety for students and staff.

Sigrun Schilling, Head of the "Ludwig Reinhard" Elementary School in Boizenburg, reacted quickly when the town council, the authority responsible for the school, offered to have air purifiers procured and installed. "It's a step towards greater safety. We're protecting ourselves and the children," the teacher is certain.

There are 18 air purifiers in the classrooms and labs at "Ludwig Reinhard" Elementary School in Boizenburg. Alexander Mai, Area Sales Manager at LTA Lufttechnik GmbH, and Sven Müller, Sales Employee at 2K Service, were present at the handover. "The Virus Cleaner VC 60 completely circulates the indoor air over a period of around 15 minutes. The filter systems can run for up to 6000 hours without requiring any maintenance." Alexander Mai goes on to explain: "Independent institutes have verified a collection efficiency of at least 99.99% with respect to very fine aerosols, and certify that the Virus Cleaner VC 60 air purifier is capable of completely inactivating or eliminating viruses, for example coronaviruses, in the air – the cleaned air is sterilized once it leaves the air purifier."

"We talked about acquiring the filter systems with the children. They're naturally very curious to see the new technology," reports Sigrun Schilling. The elementary-school pupils in Boizenburg are well informed on the topic. The rooms in the school are equipped with "CO2 traffic lights". Everyone adjusted just as well to this measure too, as Sigrun Schilling explains.

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It's a step towards greater safety. We're protecting ourselves and the children.

The optical warning device detects increased CO2 loads in rooms that are regularly used by groups of people. These include classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms, but also production sites, open-plan offices and event spaces. A concentration of 1400 ppm CO2 in indoor air is already considered to be "very poor air quality", and the maximum workplace exposure limit (WEL) in Germany is 5000 ppm. The CO2 traffic light shows a yellow light from a concentration of 1000 ppm, following a recommendation by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for thorough cross-ventilation of the room.

The only remedy against poor air quality is regular cross-ventilation, a measure that it often forgotten. This is where the CO2 traffic light comes in. It not only provides a warning when the concentration in the air has reached a very high, harmful level, but practically trains its users to ventilate rooms in good time before the highest warning level is reached.

All that being said, the team in Boizenburg was still glad to receive financial aid for acquiring the filter systems.

The town paid 58,000 euros for the air filters. The team managed by Jörn Pamperin, Head of the Education and Leisure department, hopes to receive the maximum level of aid available. The federal state can co-finance up to 60% of the costs for the filter systems. In Boizenburg, this is actually an investment in the future. "We need filters in the classrooms anyway for our move into the containers in Zahrensdorf," explains Sigrun Schilling. She has the construction measure at the planned elementary school center in mind. As part of this project, the plan is to move the entire "Ludwig Reinhard" Elementary School into over 100 containers around the sports hall in Zahrensdorf. The classrooms there are dimensioned in such a way that a filter system is required.


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