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Thinking ahead and acting sustainably

Sustainability is a core focus of the JUNKER Group and systematically integrated in its strategy and company management. The JUNKER Group commits itself to improving and developing sustainability worldwide.

Future Oriented

The implementation of corporate social responsibility management stands for an entrepreneurial practice that combines social justice and ecological responsibility with economic goals. A coordinated strategy defines the long-term orientation of the JUNKER Group.

Shaping the future sustainably

For the JUNKER Group, achieving sustainability means simultaneously balancing economic, social and ecological goals. The JUNKER Group takes responsibility for its impact on the environment and society while meeting the expectations of its stakeholders. Together, these factors influence the priorities set for specific environmental and social activities.

Achieving a positive environmental and societal impact 

The JUNKER Group leads the way in sustainability as a premium manufacturer. The company’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its locations, work processes, state-of-the-art grinding machines, filtration systems and development of future technologies and applications. The JUNKER Group identifies possible risks and opportunities considering binding obligations regarding quality, environmental protection, energy consumption and energy efficiency. 

The JUNKER Group has a deep understanding of sustainability and carefully implements durable and sustainable products and services in its operation. At the start of the machine’s lifecycle, the JUNKER Group uses long-lasting and environmentally-friendly components.

Considering the interests of our stakeholders 

As a forward thinking family business, we strive to meet the expectations of our stakeholders by recognizing the importance of continuous personnel development. The JUNKER Group implements processes to maintain, strengthen and promote the health of its employees.

The JUNKER Group recognizes its responsibility as an employer and offers a wide range of training programs for senior and junior employees alike. Additionally, the JUNKER Group supports a balanced work-life for all of its employees, allowing time for personal and family needs. 

Assumption of social responsibility

Beyond its entrepreneurial activities, the JUNKER Group commits itself to being a responsible corporate citizen. As part of its socio-political responsibility, the group is committed to charitable institutions, projects, and activities, which involve close cooperation with universities, colleges and institutes. Among its many charitable pursuits, the JUNKER Group annually funds the research and development of elder care facilities.

Sustainability report

Sustainability report