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Open House Days 2023

Creative innovation in grinding technology

We look forward to welcoming you to our Open House Days 2023 from April 18 to 21, 2023, at our Nordrach location in Germany.

From the highest flexibility solutions for the prototyping industry to fully automated series production, we can provide the right grinding machine for every workpiece geometry and application.

Our grinding solutions offer suitable machine concepts in all areas where highly efficient machining is required. In addition, constant innovation in applications within the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, including those for combustion engines, electro-mobility, electromechanical steering systems, hydrogen fuel cells, and all drivetrain variants, allow for industry-leading efficiency.

Our grinding concepts in the renewable and regenerative energy industry focus on wind and water power generation components.

We offer additional potential with the award-winning new adjustable gear and drive systems development. Discover system solutions for the aerospace industry and innovative concepts for the bearing industry.

Open House Days 2023
April 18 to 21
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
Junkerstraße 2 | 77787 Nordrach

We will present the following keynotes...


GRINDSTAR the next level

  • 18th April 2023      10:45-11 o'clock
  • 19th April 2023      15:45-16 o'clock
  • 20th April 2023     15:45-16 o'clock
  • 21th April 2023      10:45-11 o'clock

JUDISC Brake disc grinding machine

  • 19th April 2023      13-13:30 o'clock
  • 20th April 2023     13-13:30 o'clock

Pure technology – Importance of air filtration technology for the grinding process

  • 18th April 2023      15-15:30 o'clock
  • 19th April 2023      14-14:30 o'clock
  • 20th April 2023     15-15:30 o'clock
  • 21th April 2023      15-15:30 o'clock



Industry 4.0 – Production Management (University of applied science Offenburg | Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Alfred Isele)

  • 18th April 2023      14-14:30 o'clock
  • 19th April 2023      15-15:30 o'clock
  • 20th April 2023     14-14:30 o'clock
  • 21th April 2023      14-14:30 o'clock

Innovative and efficient dressing and grinding technologies (University of applied science Furtwangen)

  • 18th April 2023      11:30-12 o'clock (Robert Bösinger)
  • 19th April 2023      12-12:30 o'clock (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bahman Azarhoushang)
  • 20th April 2023     11:30-12 o'clock (Dr. Heike Kitzig Frank)
  • 21th April 2023      11:30-12 o'clock (Dirk Obergfell)

As a system supplier, we deliver interlinked automation systems, complementary technologies, application-based software developments, the most advanced digital solutions, and filtration systems for industrial air purification. Tailored service strategies and our retooling and RETROFiT concepts represent our focus on sustainability efforts.


Experience innovative and pioneering products for yourself during our Open House Days 2023. Register using your date of choice.

Open House Days 2023 (EN)

Discover a whole world of grinding technology at JUNKER's facility in Nordrach, Germany, and at Adelbert Haas GmbH in Trossingen, Germany. Register for a tour of both production sites.
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