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JUNKER Group at Latin America’s largest industrial trade show for machine tools and automation

Innovative new products, high-precision grinding machines, and industrial filtration systems

Technological developments and the latest industry solutions in the field of machine tools and automation will be on display once again at the international EXPOMAFE trade show in São Paulo, Brazil, from May 07–11. The JUNKER Group will also be there, showcasing its own innovations to a highly-qualified audience.

For the subsidiary ZEMA, the EXPOMAFE represents a highlight with a home advantage. ZEMA produces ingeniously engineered machine concepts in its location in São Paulo – for grinding workpieces such as gear, turbocharger and articulated shafts, crankshaft flanges and journals and also non-standard solutions.

High-precision ZEMA corundum grinding machines for perfect machining of turbocharger shafts

Turbochargers increase the engine power of cars, trucks and motorcycles. Perfectly machined turbocharger shafts significantly increase the efficiency of combustion engines. ZEMA’s NUMERIKA cylindrically grinds the turbocharger shaft in 41.6 seconds, delivering the shortest cycle times. The OD grinding machine enables extremely efficient grinding processes with a high degree of process reliability, the ultimate in workpiece quality and an optimum cost-to-performance ratio. When using turbocharger shafts, it is important that part of the energy from the engine exhaust gas is used by means of a turbine within the exhaust system. The ZEMA solutions with extremely low-wear corundum or diamond abrasive products ensure that the turbocharger shafts run smoothly in the engine. It is often possible to completely grind a workpiece in a single clamping set-up, which offers added time savings.

The ZEMA’s NUMERIKA meets any requirements for series production of a broad range of workpieces; in the largest version up to a length of 3.70 m.

Filtrations systems are a must-have for industry

The compact filtration systems from LTA impress with their washable inserts and low energy consumption. Extraction and cleaning of cooling lubricant mist (oil or emulsion) takes place effortlessly and directly at the machine, thanks to their compact design.

LTA’s BASIC Line is ideal for processing materials with coarse contaminants. It can be equipped with suitably adapted pre-filters for cleaning coarse contaminants and for a longer service life. The pre-filters are fitted in the housing and ensure optimum cleaning.

The production halls are often polluted with cooling lubricant mist (oil and emulsion), dust and chips. These represent day-to-day challenges for industry. The innovative industrial filtration systems from LTA are used as original equipment in machines, for retrofitting existing machines, for hall air purification or as a central solution depending on requirements. Equipped with an automatic cleaning function which uses the latest pressure sensors and a frequency converter, the filtration systems from LTA Lufttechnik GmbH are first class. As the technological leader, advice, care and individual filtration solutions are top priority.

We would like to invite you to come and find out more at our booth B-280 at Latin America’s biggest industrial trade show for machine tools and automation. We would be pleased to advise you about our many highlights and innovative new products. We look forward to seeing you at the EXPOMAFE in São Paulo.

The NUMERIKA corundum grinding machine is configured for series production of various workpieces. Optimized for integration into production lines, it comes with a high level of automation.

Solid matter filter with high filtration efficiency