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High-performance JUCRANK non-cylindrical grinding machine impresses with high availability

Process-reliable, fully automated and dependable

In just a single clamping set-up, the non-cylindrical grinding machine automatically grinds crankshafts for efficient motorbikes. With the JUCRANK from JUNKER, crankshafts can be machined around the clock in a dependable, process-reliable and high-precise way.

BMW Motorrad uses the JUCRANK non-cylindrical grinding machine for different grinding operations on boxer crankshafts. These are assembled into the latest BMW two-cylinder boxer engines for efficient motorbikes. Impressed by the level of precision and extensive experience in developing CBN high-speed grinding machines, BMW Motorrad has been putting their trust in the JUNKER grinding experts for more than three decades, with 45 machines at five sites worldwide.

Process reliability and reduction of auxiliary process times

In-process measuring systems guarantee high process reliability and dimensional accuracy. The fully automated system measures the exact workpiece data and adjusts automatically during the grinding process if needed. This procedure reduces auxiliary process times and increases output.

Increasing efficiency with Preventive Maintenance Assistance

Preventive Maintenance Assistance – the software-assisted solution from JUNKER. The online help system notifies of an upcoming maintenance or repair operation on the machine. The JUNKER machine notifies of upcoming repair operations and ensures reliable planning. Continuouse monitoring of the results is possible with the new protocol manager. In addition, all data can be evaluated in freely selectable recording intervals. Thanks to digitalization possibilities with partner 4JU, the industry pioneers can adapt the digitalization of machines and systems precisely to the needs of BMW Motorrad.

Security of customer data

When Service issues arise, the JUNKER experts can connect directly to the machine through a secure tunnel safely outside of the customers network. The JUNKER experts quickly analyze the data and reliably take all necessary measures.

Transparency in production for customers

It is possible to collect operating data efficiently and in a user-friendly way, with status determination (such as, for example, job start/end, ongoing updates and output. The advantage is that the entire production process can be monitored at any time and from anywhere. 

BMW Motorrad and the JUNKER Group have been enjoying a positive business relationship for more than 30 years. BMW successfully uses JUNKER OD non-cylindrical grinding machines for machining crankshafts at their production sites in Germany, Europe and Asia.

  • Precise in a single clamping set-up
    The JUCRANK non-cylindrical grinding machines perform all grinding tasks on crankshafts accurate and in a single clamping set-up.