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State Secretary visits the JUNKER Group in Nordrach

Safety with Virus Cleaner VC 60

On 27 November 2020, State Secretary for Culture, Youth and Sport Volker Schebesta was a guest of the JUNKER Group. At the company headquarters in Nordrach, he learned about the Virus Cleaner VC 60, an air purifier that was developed and built by the subsidiary LTA, Lufttechnik GmbH, which protects against viruses, bacteria, pollen and other germs. On location he learned more about the company and the use of air filters.

On the occasion, the Secretary of State informed himself of the LTA Lufttechnik GmbH and the air purifier Virus Cleaner VC 60, which frees the breathing air from pathogens. The technical exchange on the current situation, particularly in schools, came at the mediation of the mayor of Nordrach. Carsten Erhardt, the Offenburg state parliament member, Volker Schebesta, Rector of the Nordrach Elementary School Petra Großmann and Isabelle Mansoux (Member of the Executive Board of the JUNKER Group / Managing Director of LTA Lufttechnik GmbH) and Jürgen Kälble (Managing Director of LTA Lufttechnik GmbH).

The meeting highlighted the technology and benefits of the product and the perspective of all stakeholders, including with regard to the funding of the state of Baden-Württemberg for schools. The discussion was very positive and enriching for all involved. In addition, Ms. Großmann stated how extremely satisfied they are with the performance of the free of charge for installed VC 60 air purifier at the Nordracher Primary School. 

Investing in a Clean Future

LTA Lufttechnik GmbH has created the Virus Cleaner VC 60 designed to provide an additional safeguard against COVID-19. The Virus Cleaner VC 60 can be used wherever people meet, a high density of persons is unavoidable, distance rules can only be complied with to a limited extent, or in rooms with poor or infrequent ventilated.

The concentration of viruses, bacteria, pollen and other germs are reduced by 99.95% and thus reduce the risk of infection. The result is a pleasant and healthy indoor climate; in addition, unpleasant odors are also removed.

For example, the Virus Cleaner VC 60 finds its application in reception areas, in canteens, in open-space offices or in meeting rooms in any company size. The VC 60 is applied at all JUNKER locations worldwide. It is applicable in schools, authorities, offices, civic offices or medical practices. The air filter is can also be applied in the food industry, in the retail sector, in smaller shops such as fast food stands or in kiosks, where it provides trust, security and additional protection.

At the end, the interested visitors visited together with Joachim Himmelsbach, CTO of JUNKER group, future-oriented grinding solutions in the new Technology Center in Nordrach. The group received exciting Insights into the areas of CBN and corundum grinding of the JUNKER Group.