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GRINDSTAR – exceeds all expectations

Why turn when you can grind?

The Weifuautocam Precision Machinery Corporation from Wuxi, China is using the GRINDSTAR from JUNKER for the production of adjusting screws for high-pressure hydraulic pumps. With maximum efficiency and the highest level of process reliability, the profile and cut-off grinding machine surpasses all customer requirements.

The name "Weifu" stands for prestige products of the highest quality. Weifuautocam is part of the Weifu Group, who ventured the technical breakthrough with JUNKER and relies on the innovative production process of the GRINDSTAR. The renowned company produces car parts and components 
in China.

The pearl of Lake Taihu: The birthplace of talent

Wuxi, also known as the "Pearl of Lake Taihu", a town with more than 3000 years of ancient history, is the birth place of anational brand that is a point of pride for the Chinese. The oil pump station, as the locals call it, produced the first injection valve in China. By the end of last century, the oil pump station had been renamed Weifu High Technology Group Co., Ltd.and reorganized. The Weifu Group currently manages ten subsidiaries, which are mostly self-owned. It currently employs more than 7000 people.

20 years of close and collaborative partnership

The collaboration between Weifu and JUNKER began at the start of 2000. Since then, JUNKER has been an integral part of the Weifu story – from grinding turbine pumps to common rail pumps. 

On a visit to Weifuautocam

Throughout the long-standing collaboration between Weifu and JUNKER, we have been impressed by the JUNKER quality

Grinding instead of turning

Profile and cut-off grinding machine

The GRINDSTAR produces adjusting screws for high-pressure hydraulic pumps for use in vehicles with turbochargers – one of the technologies that meets the latest national VI emissions standards. "Our products can be found in injection nozzles for vehicle engines, high-pressure pumps and magnetic gearbox valves. Our production always runs in three shifts per day. Quality and speed are our most important standards. We were continually on the search for better and faster machines and, during our visit to the EMO 2017 trade fair, the gleaming GRINDSTAR caught our eye at the JUNKER booth", says Ding Yu, Project Manager at Weifuautocam, explaining the start of the project.

JUNKER is outstanding when it comes to responsiveness and response times

The machine uses two machining methods: Profile grinding and cut-off grinding. The essential synergy effect is achieved by combining the two methods in just a single clamping set-up. The GRINDSTAR is a cost-effective solution. It replaces several lathes, particularly in the context of mass production. The GRINDSTAR is highly efficient, thanks to the direct machining of bar stock (with a length of up to four meters, or six meters optionally). It increases not only efficiency but also the surface quality of the workpiece. Mr Ge Wei, Production Engineer at Weifuautocam, adds: "It was a decisive factor for us that the grinding wheel does not need to be dressed. Operating the machine is made simple thanks to minimal settings. The machine is also equipped with an in-process measuring system, which thanks to a stable quality, enabling us to achieve virtually unmanned operation."

Based on trust, Weifu dares to be the best

Weifuautocam opted for the GRINDSTAR and became the first owner of this technology in China. Mr Ding Yu often says: "Grinding as opposed to turning is a sophisticated technology developed by JUNKER. Investing in a well-developed technology has paid off for us, enabling us to start with production earlier and to position ourselves on the market. Throughout the long-standing collaboration between Weifu and JUNKER, we have been impressed by the JUNKER quality". High praise from Mr Ge Wei: "JUNKER is outstanding when it comes to responsiveness and response times. This feeling of care and responsibility has further deepened our 
mutual friendship."

Premium service: Reliable down to the last detail

The JUNKER Asia Service Center had already planned the commissioning thoroughly in advance of the arrival of the machines: A service technician was specially trained in the set-up and carrying out initial machine tests. "After the arrival, we realized that the room temperature of our workshop deviated from the required machine standard ambient temperature. The JUNKER engineer provided us with training and supported us in carrying out the relevant optimizations and improvements so that we were able to meet the conditions for normal machine operation." With JUNKER, Weifuautocam was ideally prepared.

This feeling of mutual care
and responsibility has further deepened our mutual friendship