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Effiziente Lösungen für das konventionelle Schleifen

Corundum grinding machines from the JUNKER Group

The JUNKER Group has extended its range of grinding machines: With its new ZEMA corundum line, the world market leader in CBN high-speed grinding machines is now also offering efficient solutions for conventional grinding. Customers benefit from Junker’s varied and proven range of customer services.

Versatile, robust, durable – JUNKER corundum grinding machines fulfill the requirements of series production for a wide range of different workpieces. The CNC grinding machines grind elements such as flanges and journals on crankshafts as well as gear, turbocharger and cardan shafts or spray nozzles with the utmost precision and reliability. In total, the corundum line comprises three models, each of which has different focal points.

The NUMERIKA is designed for the series production of a wide variety of different workpieces – up to a length of 3.50 meters in the biggest model. The cylindrical grinding machine KARGO takes ultra-heavy workpieces such as shafts for generators or electric motors with weights of up to six tons easily in its stride. Rounding off the range are the FLEXA corundum grinding machines, which are capable of solving up to three grinding assignments with the utmost precision. Whether internal or external grinding and even thread grinding: The modular design of the robust FLEXA series makes it ideal for small and medium-sized production runs.

These reliable corundum grinding machines are the ideal addition to the CBN high-speed grinding machine series from Junker. Whether precision parts for vehicle engines or heavy shafts and axles: The machines of the corundum line guarantee perfect grinding results every time. They come with a robust machine bed, hydrostatic guides and grinding spindles mounted on rolling or hydrostatic bearings as standard. A user-friendly control system comes with all the necessary input masks for precision corundum grinding and excellent surface quality.

Designed for integration into production lines, the corundum grinding machines also come with a high level of automation. At the same time, they offer the flexibility needed for grinding workpiece families: Several types of a workpiece family can be stored in the control system, allowing a quick changeover from one workpiece to another in production. To ensure a trouble-free production sequence, the corundum grinding machines are also equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems.

Combining the different types in a single production line from one provider has a range of benefits to offer: JUNKER customers receive more than simply a grinding machine. The company’s performance promise includes installation of the machine as well as grinding processes ready adjusted to the customer's production requirements. JUNKER also offers a wide range of services before, during and after machine commissioning. Anyone buying a corundum grinding machine from JUNKER receives all of the same benefits.

With its new ZEMA corundum grinding machines, Junker is now also offering efficient solutions for conventional grinding.