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Cylindrical grinding machines from JUNKER are all about efficiency

Framo Morat increases process reliability and quality with Lean Selection speed

Framo Morat GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist in gear wheel and drive technology based in Baden Württemberg, is proof that electromobility also means great opportunities for suppliers. The Eisenbach Company ranks among Black Forest suppliers always involved in intelligent structural and technological change – as demonstrated by the company’s over 100-year-long history. With roots going back to the watchmaking industry, its product portfolio is typical for the region and range from gear wheels, planetary gears and worm gears to entire geared motors.

“Our company group has grown by 44 percent in the last six years in terms of turnover. One of the biggest drivers behind this positive development is the field of electric bikes. But we’ve also been involved in the field of electric cars for ten years,” reports Alexander Denz, Head of Industrial Engineering at Framo Morat.

The company is also well established in the field of medical and rehabilitation technology, storage and conveying technology, regenerative energy and automation technology.

Technology from JUNKER – a must-have

Framo Mortat GmbH’s also ramped up the business relationship between the drive specialists and the JUNKER Group:

“We’ve been working with the high-precision technology from JUNKER for a decade now. As part of our growth strategy, we continue to develop our core skills – in the field of cylindrical grinding operations we are much better positioned in terms of quality and process reliability. The two Lean Selection speed grinding machines from JUNKER now play a significant role in this,” says Alexander Denz.

The two cylindrical grinding machines have proven their high-speed in single or multiple-shift operation. The customer wanted an economical and, above all, flexible machine concept which could fulfill all grinding assignments – from one-off production to production of small or large volumes.

The machines are equipped with CBN grinding wheels and operate at peripheral speeds of up to 140 m/s. Some of the benefits of these machines include longer tool service life and dressing intervals.

More flexibility in the grinding processes

JUNKER’s Lean Selection speed provides the necessary flexibility for grinding a wide range of workpieces from a variety of industries.

“We grind diameters from 8 to 80 mm for shaft components with teeth and a component length of 40 to 460 mm. Our production batch sizes range from 200 to 2000 workpieces per year. The new machines give us more flexibility with the peel grinding process compared to the grinding process with corundum as there is no need to change the grinding wheel between different workpieces,” explains Alexander Denz.

The high-speed grinding machines also deliver better quality by grinding the entire outside contour in a single clamping set-up. The integrated measurement devices in the collar and longitudinal position are key control and monitoring systems during grinding. The Lean Selection speed enables flexible grinding through the use of the plunge cut method as well as the peel grinding method.

Framo Morat is part of the change in the supplier industry

Those who hold their own in times of technological change are also keen to further ensure future success with an investment such as the two Lean Selection speed grinding machines. As Alexander Denz explains:

“Thanks to this investment, we are now also able to produce parts that we didn’t have in our portfolio before.” He continues: “Before we didn’t achieve the required level of quality in regard to teeth widths for the oil pump gears. We had a lot of rejects which had to be sorted out by hand. Now we can offer our customers better quality thanks to the Lean Selection speed.”

JUNKER Lean Selection speed

The Lean Selection speed impresses with easy operation and the latest measurement devices.

Drive shaft

Drive shafts from Framo Morat are used in the drive section of curved stair lifts, electric cars or industrial trucks.

Oil pump gear

The Lean Selection speed grinds the oil pump gear in a single clamping set-up with maximum surface quality.

Framo Morat headquarters in Eisenbach

Framo Morat and F. Morat, the companies in the Morat Group, headquartered in Eisenbach in the High Black Forest, have been supplying drive technology to numerous sectors for over 100 years.