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Efficient cleaning and preservation station

Fully automated workpiece cleaning and conservation

Customers receive a cleaning station that is perfectly integrated into the process, it cleans workpieces fully automated and conserves them afterwards.

The automation of the grinding machine carries the workpiece directly into the cleaning and preservation station. During the cleaning and conservation process, part clamping is between centers, and the tailor-made automation solution guarantees smooth transportation in and out of the system.

The cleaning and preservation station is suitable for workpieces with a clamping length between 40 mm and 300 mm (optionally up to 500 mm) and a diameter between 10 mm and 55 mm. In addition, conversion to other components and geometries is easy due to its solid and space-saving construction.Thanks to the fully automated and integrated process, customers benefit from the reduction of operations, which significantly reduces investment costs compared to downstream cleaning and preservation solutions.

Environmental protection is another clear advantage. The integrated cleaning station is fully enclosed and recirculates the cooling lubricant back to the grinding machine, avoiding the carryover of coolant outside the machine area. A ProfiNet interface guarantees smooth communication of the grinding machine and cleaning station. JUNKER provides complete support from the beginning of the project engineering, followed by the manufacturing process and installation up to service, repair, and spare part support.


Technical data

Voltage: 380-480V AC
Frequency:         50/60 Hz
Control voltage:         24V DC
Compressed air:         6 bar
Clamping length:         40-300 (optional up to 500 mm)
Workpiece diameter:         10-55 mm
W x D x H:         830 x 790 x 1.310 mm
Weight:         260 kg