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LTA celebrates its 40th anniversary on February 13, 2020

Here´s to the LTA Lufttechnik GmbH

40 years of LTA. 40 years of standardized filtration systems and countless customized solutions. 40 years as a global technology leader and guarantor for market-oriented development.

2020 marks an important anniversary for LTA Lufttechnik GmbH. As a global full-service provider, LTA has been developing and producing filtration systems for oil and emulsion mist, as well as dust and chip extraction since 1980.

Progress means reevaluating and redeveloping existing products and processes. Innovation is in LTA Lufttechnik’s genes. Since the company’s founding its employees have questioned conventional filtration solutions and have developed innovative approaches with great success. The launch of the AC I, II, and II compact fitration systems in 1983 set a precedent. By constantly raising the bar for clean air, LTA supports customers, both small and large, all over the world.

Since 1995, LTA has round off the JUNKER Group’s product range. The opening of new sites in the USA and the Czech Republic in 2016 and 2017, respectively, solidifies LTA’s standing as a global full-range supplier.

LTA values customer proximity through both the development of filtration solutions adaptable to customer requirements as well as after-sales support. The professional support and comprehensive service provided by LTA’s technician network ensure the best possible filter system availability.

Over 40 years, LTA has made a name for itself globally as a technological leader in filtration systems and looks forward to further growth. LTA owes this success to its employees who continually set new benchmarks with their exceptional dedication and expertise.