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New trainees for cutting-edge technologies in Nordrach

International, digital, regional

At the start of September 2020, a group of highly-motivated new recruits began their training at JUNKER. The four trainees– made up of industrial salespeople and mechatronics engineers – are now part of a globally connected team and will help shape the world of JUNKER. Their instruction will place particular emphasis on topics such as networking and digitalization.

For over 55 years, the JUNKER Group has offered practical training for both the technical and business sectors. The JUNKER Group provides both entry-level and continuing education training for its roughly 1300 worldwide employees. In order to remain a technology leader going forward, even in difficult times (coronavirus pandemic, automotive crisis, etc.), the JUNKER Group invests in young, motivated employees who make a significant contribution to moving the company on in the right direction.

New, ultramodern training topics

JUNKER’s innovative training program includes groundbreaking digitalization concepts. partner4JU describes more than just small changes in the world of industrial production. Systems and machines require flexible incorporation into a never-before-seen network of all company departments. The JUNKER Group has experience collecting and analyzing data efficiently and thereby enabling the utilization of this data across various applications and systems. JUNKER has successfully tackled the huge challenges of data processing for many years. The new JUNKER Group trainees will get their first glimpse into the complete processes of this digital world.

International networking in the JUNKER Group

As a pioneer in machine and system engineering, the JUNKER Group encourages new recruits to undertake a traineeship elsewhere within Europe. First and foremost, the trainees benefit from the experiences gained within the group. All trainees gain technical and business insights at the production sites in the Czech Republic. 

Regionality in the JUNKER Group

The technical and business insights begin immediately during the trainee phase with an extensive tour of the premises and a course on business etiquette. Next, a management game brings business topics to the fore. A team training session takes place in the introductory weeks, allowing the trainers and the new trainees to get to know one another. In total, 28 young recruits currently work in Nordrach. For 2021, the JUNKER Group offers both high school and university students the opportunity to gain fascinating insights into the areas of CBN and corundum grinding, as well as complex filtration solutions. These programs provide ideal conditions for students to apply their own theoretical knowledge to the day-to-day work processes of a global corporation.