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Well thought-out technology for economical gear shaft grinding.

JUNKER grinding machine: Maximum precision

The QUICKPOINT cylindrical grinding machine from JUNKER impresses with its enormous capacity and flexibility through a single clamping process. Sisamex produces gear shafts with maximum precision while reducing auxiliary process times; this ensures an effective production with low handling costs.

Sisamex processes an average of 160,000 gear shafts per year in Mexico with the QUICKPOINT high-speed grinding machines. Francisco Vélez García, the person responsible for processes at Sisamex, confirms: "This machine unites precision and maximum flexibility, as the cylindrical grinding machine is versatile in use and has an enormous capacity." The production facility is located in Cd. Gral. Escobedo, N.L., one of the largest industrial centers in Mexico.

A single clamping process

One of the outstanding technical advantages is the grinding of the gear shaft in a single clamping process. Sisamex invests in an economic grinding process that saves time and money. The gear shaft is clamped between centers for processing the outer diameters and end faces. The CNC tailstock withdraws for processing of the inner cone, with the gear shaft being held and guided by the steady rest. The industrial company processes different gear shaft workpiece families  on QUICKPOINT, showcasing the JUNKER grinding machine's versatility. Mr. Vélez García explains: "Various workpiece types are swapped several times a day. We can flexibly retool the grinding machine without complications and in the shortest possible time.

A high process capability (CpK) is achieved by the use of the JUNKER grinding machine

The temperature in the plant is controlled at 23 to 26 °C. This ensures a stable grinding process with the in-process measuring systems used by JUNKER. A high process capability (CpK) is achieved by the use of the JUNKER grinding machine." The grinding machine is equipped with an internal loading gantry for loading and unloading. Switching to new workpiece types on a QUICKPOINT is possible at low costs – and this in turn reduces auxiliary process times to a minimum.

Saving time and money with JUNKER services

"The QUICKPOINT grinding machine is the heart of production, which is why fast service is very important to us. It was possible to significantly reduce downtimes with JUNKER's technical support," says Mr. Vélez García.The installed components of the grinding machine are customized, variable, and of the highest quality. Using them saves JUNKER additional maintenance costs. Mr. Vélez García adds: "With JUNKER's grinding machine, we have reduced production costs and optimized the grinding process."
The cooperative business relationship has existed since 2012. Sisamex employs committed grinding experts with unbelievable technological expertise. This connects both companies and makes planning, processing, and later implementation easy.

With JUNKER's grinding machine, we have reduced production costs and optimized the grinding process

Precisely processed internal end faces of the gear shaft

Internal functional surfaces, such as drill holes, cones or end faces.


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