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JUNKER Group receives the "Geely Supplier Award"

On March 17, 2018 the JUNKER Group received the Geely Supplier Award for the first time from our customer Zheijang Geely Automotove Parts and Components and also is their "Preferred Supplier".

There are multiple reasons for the award. For one thing, custom-designed technical solutions that correspond exactly with customer requirements were developed. At the same time, a key account management was implemented entertaining excellent customer relations. Additionally, the customer is supported by a very professional service team that is available around the clock, seven days a week.

Erwin Junker, the company's founder and owner confirms: "This award shows the importance of the trustworthy cooperation between Zhejiang Geely Automobile Parts & Components and the JUNKER Group."

Behind each machine there is a specifically customized concept that allows for faster and better production. Junker is planning the entire production process: from the profiling to the grinding wheel coating to the individual machine setup. This ensures JUNKER grinding machines fast and easy production readiness.

The award recognizes the exceptional reliability and is an important recognition of the top quality and on time delivery record of the JUNKER Group.

Desired Trophy: "Supplier Award" from Geely