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New modern concepts

JUNKER is taking the next step in the world of Industry with partner4JU

partner4JU describes more than just small changes in the world of industrial production. Systems and machines must be incorporated into a never-seen-before network of all company departments, with ultimate flexibility. The JUNKER Group has experience in how to efficiently collect and analyze data so that it can be called up for many applications and various different systems: a huge challenge, which the traditional company has been tackling with success for many years now.

New World – Industry 4.0 – We Want to Talk the Universal Language of Production with You

The benefits that result from this networking are immense. The opportunities provided by partner4JU ensure extensive improvements in production quality, greater flexibility, higher productivity and safeguard and increase national and international competitive ability. Thereby it can also optimize production systems for so-called chaotic manufacturing, in which different product versions are repeatedly produced in no particular order.

To achieve this, some challenging tasks must be mastered: the necessary data must be provided and the machines and all incorporated systems must have access to this. To ensure flexible changeover in production, it must also be possible to quickly change the processes. For a machine manufacturer like JUNKER this means making machines that are ready for the transition from a largely physical world to the digital world. The requirements that partner4JU places on the grinding machines involve collecting and processing huge quantities of data, including machine, production, energy, and quality data.

The JUNKER Group developed functional control concepts, a scalable component box and programming assistants, which can be used to quickly make the necessary adjustments to modified production conditions on the software level.

partner4JU calls for modern Concepts

To meet the modern requirements that come with digitalization and networking many companies work with the concept of the virtual twin, which maps an entire production process in the virtual world. This allows any area of physical production to be quickly changed on the digital level. JUNKER is successfully integrating its machines in such systems.

Tasks such as machine maintenance can also be optimized within the scope of partner4JU. To do so, JUNKER has developed an electronic maintenance catalog. It automatically shows when work on a grinding machine, such as cleaning, inspection, maintenance or repair, is due.

The company group is currently working on the next step in an intelligent spare part management system, automated service tickets and new repair strategies. It is building solutions for predictive, condition-based maintenance as well as for comparison and optimization of processes worldwide. In this way, each subsidiary of the company group can quickly profit from development in any other subsidiary.

Our partner4JU shows the connections in a new world - Industry 4.0