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AMB Stuttgart 2018

JUNKER presents the JUPITER 200S

With the JUPITER 200S grinding machine – the evolution of the JUPITER 200 – it will soon be possible to also manufacture products with flat shoulders and face ends – thanks to inclined plunge-cut grinding. This new machine version will be on display at the AMB (Hall 5, Booth C81).

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The JUPITER 200S from JUNKER offers a special process variant: in contrast to conventional plunge-cut grinding, with inclined plunge-cut grinding the wheelhead is inclined by 10°. This enables centerless grinding of flat shoulders or face ends and opens up the range of applications – in areas such as precision machining and metalworking, the tool industry and contract grinding.

The grinding machine processes a wide range of materials from steel to carbide, all with excellent precision. Typical workpieces include rotors, piston parts, and profile rollers. The JUPITER 200S is based on the proven JUPITER concept, which has been used with great success for many years, and is suitable for bearing parts, shafts and motor parts, for example. Measurement systems are fitted in the series. These ensure outstanding quality, even during extremely rapid production.

The most productive method in the field of grinding technology

Centerless grinding makes it possible to achieve a high output volume with short cycle times. There are two types: throughfeed grinding and plunge-cut grinding.

With centerless throughfeed grinding, parts are fed through the grinding zone one after another in a line. This works for workpieces with a uniform diameter. In contrast, centerless plunge-cut grinding involves briefly fixing the workpieces and feeding them to the machine with a suitable loading device. Here, the wheel is given the negative profile of the desired workpiece contour: in this way, all diameters can be ground on the workpiece in a single plunge cut operation.

Extremely quick changeover

The tooling time is drastically reduced as the machines automatically calculate the positions of the grinding and regulating wheels. In addition, the grinding gap components (grinding wheel, regulating wheel and support rail) can be conveniently controlled via the operator panel.

Precision is top priority

JUPITER machines always deliver high output, reliable processes and thus consistent quality from start to finish. They also offer a very high level of accuracy. After all, many customers expect extremely precise concentricity, even for the smallest components.

The sophisticated design makes this possible: the machine parameters are perfectly matched to the rigidity of the grinding gap components. The CNC height adjustment of the support rail has two decisive benefits. Firstly, it ensures faster set-up, as all three grinding gap components (grinding wheel, regulating wheel and support rail) can be controlled from the operator panel. Secondly, the workpiece axis remains on a level during the entire grinding process, which exerts a positive influence on workpiece quality during centerless grinding.

What is more, the experts at JUNKER adapt every machine to suit the customer’s exact requirements. The optimum machine configuration is determined for each application and checked in a measuring station during grinding tests at the JUNKER technology center. As a result, customers are able to achieve optimum results during production.

Efficient solutions for conventional grinding

The JUNKER Group has rounded off their product portfolio of grinding machines with the ZEMA corundum grinding machines: thus, the world market leader in CBN high-speed grinding machines is now also offering efficient solutions for conventional grinding. Customers benefit as usual from JUNKER’s varied and proven range of customer services.

Filtration systems make the perfect addition

JUNKER Group member, LTA Lufttechnik GmbH, will also be exhibiting at the JUNKER booth. In addition to large filtration systems, the company also specializes in compact filter systems and offers solutions that can extract aerosols and dust for machines and machining centers. One of the products from this range, the electrostatic air filter, AC 3002 CIP, will be one of the highlights on display at the AMB. This is a particularly ecological filter: only regenerative filter elements which can be cleaned any optional number of times using an automatic flushing process – without the use of any chemical additives or diluted solutions – are used. The key benefit is the reduction in maintenance and downtimes along with considerable cost savings.

The JUNKER Group will be presenting the JUPITER 200S and an array of filtration solutions at the AMB trade fair in Stuttgart between September 18 and 22, 2018. You will find JUNKER in Hall 5, Booth C81. We look forward to seeing you there!

The JUPITER 200 centerless cylindrical grinding machine from JUNKER delivers outstanding grinding quality. Depending on the application, corundum, CBN or diamond is used as an abrasive.